Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Lost Culture and Why Everything is Garbage; Today on KSCO/KOMY; Or Haven't You Noticed?

I'll embellish and if you'd care to chime in, agree, disagree, I'm all ears...mouth too.

My thoughts begin at 1 PM and we'll end at 4 here on the radio show. Click on the streaming audio link. To call in and participate, bitch, moan, groan, kvetch and all: 831-477-1340. Oh, you want to debate too? Bring it on.

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  1. I eat lightning and crap thunder

  2. A caller told Raddy that he saw him next to his Bentley pumping 40 gallons of gas in that hog. All he left out was Raddy was in boots and a mink coat and fur hat with a feather! Radnich later told somebody "I love you", Again,I'm certain he calls KRON and KNBR co workers "booby" and that "You're beautiful baby" with his wink-wink.

    You can take Raddy out of Vegas..

  3. More Raddy World. On the THEGAME the morning guys were talking to Larry King. When it was over ,I think it was Roxie Bernstein who said "You knows whats weird? Larry King is 78 and has a 14 year old son"..Dan Dibly,in a huff ( no kidding) "There's NOTHING wrong with a older man having kids IF he has the wherewithal and can afford it"

    Yes there is Dan. Its that King is 78 ,his son 14 and the same age as other old mens great grandchildren.

    When a man is 60's and up and has liver spotted forehead and hands,and his body aches..maybe taking your "kids" to the t ball game or Justin Beiber concert is a bit vane.Right?
    Does everybody in Raddy's backwards world get sucked in that deep?

    1. Raddy did a whole bit today on taking his kid to a T ball game (as per my post). So let me embellish what he left out. : " Daddy! look, watch me hit!"..the old man busy making small talk with the young hot milfs( And he DID admit it) "I'm busy,Here's a 50$ bill,now don't bother me".... "Hey,did you gals hear I bought a Bentley?"..."Need a ride home?"...

  4. Btw,I know if you watched Raddy yesterday on KRON you saw his whole condescending (and the only time he's used a condom it seems) attitude about having a Mexican wrestler as a guest. He even had the gall to post a email that claimed "Because you had somebody who didn't speak English I turned you off"...and Radnich answer to that bigotry? "I only did it as a favor to soooome body"..like Raddy is from high society? That's a laugh.
    The man's whole bigoted personality comes out when he talks about Latins and Asians...THEY want "favors"..but then again black people must walk away from Radnich wondering "Who does that crazy white man think he is telling us about "Toms" and calling us Mizz this and "Yore man,that?"