Wednesday, April 17, 2013

For those of you who want to be my critics and even my 'friends' too: What I am and What I am NOT


Nor a journalist. Never said so.

I blog. I host a talk-show on radio. I'm a commentator. Plain and simple.

I try to get it right but I make mistakes like everyone else.

I don't compare myself to CNN which is a BILLION dollar news enterprise with world bureaus whose air talent makes millions of dollars, at least a good portion of them.

I'm not John King.

I'm not the NY Times, SF Chronicle, World News Daily.

I'm not the AP or CNN.

I call things as I see them.

I invite and encourage constructive, critical comments that are on topic and not anonymous. If you seek to make attacks, you can come on my radio show. If you do so on the blog, ID yourself or use a real name or even fake name.

I don't like FAKERS.

Yes, I have an ego. You do too even if mine is BIGGER but I acknowledge it and am absolutely HONEST about it and don't apologize for admitting such.

I'm real and genuine for better or worse. If you like me, great. If you don't like me, fine too. I never forced you to read me nor listen to me on the radio.

I never REPORTED that "dark-skinned" guys were seen at the Boston Marathon moments before the blasts.

If I'm being ripped because I ripped CNN and the AP over their inaccuracy then I think you should not listen or read me because, perhaps, maybe I'm just not for you.

I'm not for everyone here or on the radio. That's why there's an ice-cream company that has 31 different flavors. I don't like strawberry ice cream.

NOBODY forced YOU, all of YOU, to come into my place. YOU came here. You don't like? Then leave and hurry up and don't lecture me. You want to lecture me, I'm not interested. It's MY blog and MY radio show and MY METHOD(S) will lead the way until I'm done or the boss says I'm done.

FUNNY: But why do YOU ALL come here? If it's that toxic and that much of a "train wreck", then you're WORSE off than me for having a fetish reading and listening to my "train wreck."

I'm 100% certain and confident that many people LIKE my style and content and my show and all because they know it's genuine and non- phony and even if it detoured like ALL OTHER SHOWS do, then you'd still come back and listen anyway.

I NEVER walked the red carpet and don't want to. Ever.

I will NEVER apologize for being REAL, HUMAN, funny, bizarre, quirky and scared and vulnerable and hurt.

Frankly, I don't really GIVE A DAMN what you think of me. QUOTE ME.

I don't NEED this. I like doing this but I'm not going to lose IT based on THIS because THIS is a crazy business in a CRAZY, disjointed world run and loosely led by a few morons and other MORONS, like me, YOU, I'm just OK admitting it.

I don't have to SCREAM and YELL and be something COMPLETELY other than WHAT I AM and WHO I am. In other words, I'm NOT going to change because YOU lectured me.

DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT ME SINCE YOU HAVE PAID ZERO DOLLARS TO COME INTO MY PLACE. If you made a donation to this site, and I have disappointed you then maybe I'll give a buck or two to the Humane Society.

I realized many moons ago that there are OTHER THINGS AND PEOPLE far MORE IMPORTANT in LIFE than getting orgasmic or angry about what some blogger in SF or radio guy said. Again, nobody told you to listen or read me.

You want "more accurate" and "journalistic", go somewhere else or watch CSPAN3.

You want narcissistic, EGO-driven assholes that are full of genuine NON-GENUINENESS, then listen to the mattress guy and his loyal sycophants. Bow before the corporate cons who hire UN-FUNNY morning show buffoons who couldn't show an ounce of human purity if their life depended on it.

I care about my MOM'S HEALTH and WELFARE. THAT'S what I CARE ABOUT. Anything else is complete and UTTER BS to me. QUOTE ME. PRIORITIES: ever heard of that? If not, GET LOST.


Remember this: I have lived a full life and made many, many mistakes and in fact, I have lived up to them, mostly from a personal perspective. And occasionally, I'll draw from those experiences. I don't have to but sometimes it's useful.

I try hard.  For some of you, that's not good enough. Then maybe you need to make a decision to go to another movie. I'm not Oscar either.

That's about it for now. I'm tired and it's getting late. I'm hungry.

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  1. Amen to everything you said Rich. I personally come here not only to be informed but also for entertainment. Haven't had the opportunity to catch the radio show but hope to one day. I am someone who has never ripped you, always supported you, and only say keep fighting the good fight.

  2. Gee, someone sounds a little testy!

    Didn't you say bring it on?
    Didn't you say you could take the criticism?

    1. Yeah, but not to "hide-behind-keyboard" cowards like you. I'm done with these type of posts.

    2. You routinely censor analytical, polite observations merely because they strike you as being critical of yourself when in fact they make a general observation about how your two conflicting roles put your in an untenable position.

    3. Trent: You finally made a cogent point. And now, yes,I read your post. Time for me to "censor" you. Bye, bye.

    4. Since Mr. I am not a reporter doesn't appear to be one, does anyone know of the progress of getting John Rothman on KSCO yet? No word from Rich and he and Rothman are "good friends." MZ seems like he never had such a conversation about it happening. Maybe John has said he can't work for that little pay. Anyone? Why don't you do a story, Rich? Oh, you're not a reporter. Sorry. I thought you were. You sure criticize others a lot for not being one. Anderson Cooper is sleeping in an alley somewhere in Boston tonight, wrapped up with Don Lemon sobbing for not being a good reporter today. It was just on CNN.

    5. To 7:52: Maybe I'm wrong...wouldn't be the 1st time, but I thought Rich said yesterday to use your name vs Anonymous, or call him on his radio show if you wanted to "take him on"? To 8:15: I don't see the problem with his "two conflicting roles". In fact, I don't believe they are conflicting. This is clearly his blog & his radio show seems to be an extension of it. (I do like his show 99.9% of the time, BTW - sorry Rich)
      Rich is open, honest & has every right to state his opinions here & every right to censor whomever he chooses. Some people like what he has to say & some don't like everything he has to say...everyone has their own opinion. But, if you really don't like what he has to say...why are you even here? Get a life!
      Sorry I'm anonymous...I don't have a profile, so I'll just sign my name here -- Meira

  3. No, you're not a reporter but you pretend to be one here on the internet.

    1. Yes, you can interpret it that way b/c I occasionally break stories that other outlets don't or simply don't cover radio/TV.

      I see no issues there. If you do, then check out.

    2. From what I see, Rich has never pretended to be a reporter. He breaks news at times as a media columnist (blogger). Having a radio show is not a conflict.

      If you want an example of a radio show co-host pretending to be a reporter, listen to KSFO in the mornings, when journalistic ethics are violated nearly every weekday when this co-host reads the news headlines but offers her comments about the news as she reads the headlines.

      KSFO knows better. It s not a problem is she mixes her opinion in with news; however broadcast journalistic ethics require her and the station to note, for the listeners' sake, that the "headlines" contain commentary. The best thing would be to read the headlines straight, without commentary, especially commentary that is so immature.

  4. Hey Rich, I enjoy listening to your show..... I am wondering if you saw these photos , you dont need to read the artile, but with all the talk of backpacks one cannot deny that there are some suspicious looking fellows here. Maybe you can give your thoughts on the air tomorrow. Thanks - RENEGADEPETIE

    1. I'll take a peek. Savage talked about this earlier tonight.

  5. Rich don't worry about the negative criticism. I think you do a good job. I'm going come out of the anonymous sphere

    1. Rich ... many of the positive comments here are fixed because people want to see you keep going and to fail. In the meantime, you are fun to listen too. No one can or will take you serious as a talk show host. You are making Karel and the witch queen of New York City look like Bruce Williams and Sally Jesse Raphael compared to you.

      Why do/must you talk over everybody on the radio and not let them talk then cut them off when they get too long? If you're not interested in listening to them, then don't answer the damn phone! That simple, dude.

      It's not your friends that will make you big. It's the people you make as friends who will make you big. Keep that in mind. OK? I heard some people call you out on the air yesterday and you called them names, talked over them and dismissed them quickly after you invited people to "debate me." You are not a good debater, especially when you can't isten to people what you need to know -- even when you don't want to hear it.

    2. Straighten Up & Fly RightApril 17, 2013 at 10:37 PM

      Damn straight, Rich! You tell 'em! You go, guy! Take the gloves off and go at 'em. They can go straight to the fiery pits of Hades.

  6. Rich: Don't you ever change a thing!

  7. When I started my business, a good friend told me "get ready for a never ending source of frustration, aggravation, and conflict". It is so true. When I get bummed and need some perspective, I think about the folks coming back from war dead or injured. They have real problems.

    Change things around so it works better for Rich, Rich.

  8. What does THIS mean, Rich? It makes no sense ... and is impractical. Further, it's illegal to ban free speech just because you don't like it. People are anonymous on the radio and on the blog for a reason. You could be anonymous, too, but you chose to put your views, opinions and comments out there with your name attached. Your call. No one made you do it. Every phone call on KGO, KOMY, KSCO, KKSF, etc is anonymous. "Wally from Beaverville" is not more "an ID" than "Anonymous" which you allow and have allowed for 7 years. Don't want commenters, then get rid of them ... all.

    You'll then have no blog or radio show. You've never answered why it's ok to be anonymous on the air and not on here. What does that prove? Does it hurt more to use a fake name for you to pick on? Nothing would change. You might be Amerigo Vespucci for all I know, but for now, you are Rich Lieberman. Please get over yourself. What stupid rule thinking. It won't work, Rich. Never has, never wil. Why not go to a private subscription ... then, you can control it because then, fake name or not, people have to at least register with a real name from a real email address which you verify very easily. Just like Radio-Info does. There, isn't that simple?

    1. Dances with BrainsApril 17, 2013 at 11:10 PM

      > Further, it's illegal to ban free speech just because
      > you don't like it.

      Every time I see this I want to scream. I wish you idiots would get even the most basic information about this country right. NOWHERE in the non-governmental sector is it illegal to "ban" free speech. The First Amendment simply states "Congress shall make no laws..." Now the last time I checked, Rich was not Congress and he made no laws. Anyone else can ban whatever the hell they want.

      Buy a copy of the Constitution and READ it for crying out loud!

  9. I like this place Rich. I visit from time to time, Sometimes I will purposely rattle a few chains for the fun of being a contrarian. Sometimes, I am forced or persuaded to define and defend my own perspectives. so I get a chance to learn, vs just to feel. You are similar in that you invite conversation on popular, controversial topics that have no definite right or wrong way of being. There are a lot of ex-debating club member poseurs regularly climbing in the virtual ring with off-off season arm chair quarterback brigades. Sometimes we win by filibuster, when you allow somebody to hog the mike, other times, a group of your fans will pop up and form a gauntlet of deflating remarks about somebody who seems to be disturbing 'the force'. You do have some dedicated folks out there, almost acolytes, I'd say. Sometimes Rich, I wish you could rent out a pool hall once every four months, and invite us over for some Billards, Bagels ,Vodka,Chicken Soup and Apple Turnovers. I would come by for the Turnovers.

  10. Who the hell put a burr under your saddle.....did I miss something?
    What prompted this tirade?

    1. I wondered the same thing but then considered that we probably don't see every remark. Rich probably gets all sorts of BS that he filters out.

      It's his blog/judgement, but if it were me, I'd filter a lot more leaving only the constructive, insightful, or entertaining. It'd be in the advertisers best interest.

  11. Thin-skinned Rich freaked out!

  12. There are few absolutes in social media, but to me, one of them is that you absolutely shouldn't delete comments simply because they criticize the very person (blogger / broadcaster) who does the very same before everyone else. Yes, you can do it, but should you?

    Doing so just shreds your credibility, denies you the chance to respond, and tells the world you're not actually interested in hearing what the world thinks.

    In other words, "If you can dish it out - be sure you're ready to take it." Manipulating posts to fit the personal likes and dislikes of the blogger are not representative of the true flavor of a topic or issue, no matter how much the blogger may not like it.

    At the same time, a Terms of Service (TOS) can openly explain the rules that will be followed for exemption from the blog posting area - such as gross obscenities, name calling, spam, threats, etc.

    However, "censoring" someone from making legitimate comments about a blogger just because it upsets the blogger is not very smart.

    This means Rich, too. One can't be a "Do as I say - not as I do" operation and be fair to everyone at the same time.

    No one has ever said in the Constitution that you, me, Rich or anyone has the right NOT to be offended by what people say about them, as long as the discourse is civil, direct, true and clearly factual. Otherwise, one "censors" plainly for personal sake.

    So, don't "do as I say - not as I do." Blog on, posters.

    1. Very, very deep thought. I'm going to watch PBS today.

    2. Thank you 9:48 for making a thoughtful, well-explained comment. Rich's sarcastic response does him no credit.

    3. To all the haters of Rich Lieberman GIVE HIM A BREAK. This a free country. If you don't like Rich don't listen to him. If you don't like what he posts to look to what he has to say. Did I make it simple enough for you. If I don't want to listen to some talk show hosts I don't. If I do I listen and they can have their own opinion it doesn't bother me at all because every day I learn something new. RICH KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Hope your mom is doing a lot better. Bless her.
      Marie F. Mulhern

    4. We aren't necessarily haters simply because we take issue with something Rich says.

      It's surprising that Rich and others like Marie become so uncomfortable with alternative opinions, particularly when Rich so often proclaims that he's a big boy who enjoys debate.

    5. I do.

      And your comments are welcome and encouraged. Civility counts.

    6. Rich

      That is why I post what I did. Some of the comments are not civil. If they were I would not have posted what I did. Thank you 4:16 PM.
      Marie F. Mulhern

  13. I am glad Rich has this blog. All the real talk show people have been zapped off the air. To Rich's credit it appears he is trying to help John Rothmann get back on the airwaves regularly. I do not come here all that much and haven't listened to Rich's show....but anybody who had had a real life-death situation with their parent...then alll this god-only-knows-what - will happen next- going on this week.....might not be at their best especially with the give and take in dealing with a public that is scared, confused, and plalin out angry. So, I too, say cut Rich some slack. I am glad he has this blog. And, I sure hope he is able to do whatever it takes to get John Rothmann back on the airwaves. Hang in, Rich, and hang in everyone else........too much hate in the world, why add to it?

  14. People are so damn scared to say anything these days. This is America. We are entitled to freedom of speech. I'm done.

  15. More censoring. What's wrong Rich comments getting to you?
    You make China appear open minded.

  16. You're a personality Rich, liked or not, we can agree you ARE a personality.

  17. I never understand the over-the-top attacks on Rich and this blog site, where else left do we have to share ideas and comment on things local to SF bay area and other media goings on?

    Rich provides us tidbits about local media that we'd otherwise never find out about until someone has decided to 'retire' or shows up on a different tv ch with no explanation.

    Rich throws out opinion, at times colorful commentary - to motivate us to discuss . . a good host is supposed to be a little controversial - no?

    I am still devastated over the loss of KGO, even the hosts on KGO had their "on the rag" moments - anyone remember when Bernie Ward had his "live mic malfunction" similar to Karel's and called Willie Brown a "monkey"? - I damn near drove off the 380 guard rail near the airport!

    I miss that "local-ness" - I never know if Kessler or Finch are really in the studio at the top and bottom of every hour.

    Poor Gene Burns - if I didn't know better I'd swear it was the mess of KGO that did him in - poor guy.

    . . .

    I've digressed, back to this blog - I love it - keep up the great work Rich - I imagine it's very difficult to follow every thought that gets thrown at you and these folks forget you don't have luxuries like a 'producer' and a 'kill button' to manage posts and threads as callers are handled on radio

    I "get" you

  18. Enjoy your blog Rich! Also intrigued at your foray into broadcasting at KSCO, a station which I listened to for years while I worked in a darkroom down in Soquel. Could you please pass on to whoever manages the podcast feed of your show to include the entire show and not just the 3rd hour? Thanks! Maybe I'll bump into you at Loring again.