Sunday, February 3, 2013

There's a game today

Enjoy it.


  1. Stating the obvious, KPIX's pimping of the game during the past week bordered on the obscene. No surprise there. However, the station's "news" featurettes from New Orleans were as incomprehensible as they were meaningless. If the station set out NOT to cover any actual sports news events during the week, they could not have done a better job. Anyone interested in the game was watching interviews with players and coaches on another station. Anyone not interested in the game could not care less about the poorly done rehashing of every New Orleans tourist cliche. Two simultaneous tune-outs in every story. Remarkable.

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    1. Tony wishes power outage occurred during half time show. Tony thinks the NFL should have booked Gilbert Gottfried instead.

  3. On a positive note, the backward hat wearing, baggy pants sagging crowd won't have an excuse to vandalize the city by the bay...

  4. Terrible rendition of The Star Spangled Banner by Alicia, she needs to go back to grade school and re-learn how to sing it correctly.

    As far as the rest of the game, tons of missed opportunities and the but it probably ended the way it should have. The old Montana to Rice days are long gone unfortunately.

  5. Not sure exactly when this happened but watching the CBS5 news tonite I noticed the station is now branding itself as KPIX5. Anchors stumbling over new branding as CBS5 is much easier to say. I'm surprised local station is allowed to change branding as I thought the network(s) prefer their owned stations to use the network name and channel designation.

  6. The 49ers Marketing Staff should take note next time the 49ers go to a Super Bowl, and "be humble." "The Quest For Six," was nothing but message board clippings to egg the Ravens on. This was also along the lines what our local Media did, by their hyping the 49ers 24/7.

    I believe the 49ers read, & heard all this bs hype, and believed it! The 49ers appeared not prepared as to the gravity of the Super Bowl during the 1st half of the game....The 49ers dug themselves a hole, that was hard to dig out of, yet they almost did. The 49ers were their biggest obstacle.

    Next time Jim, do what the late great Coach Bill Walsh did with his Super Bowl teams...Walk quietly, and carry a big stick.

  7. So your point is that local media should not over-hype the game because our players become overconfident and not prepare adequately.

    Yes, I'm sure that's why the NINERS lost yesterday - too much coverage by the local media.

    1. @ Feb. 4, 2013 at 12:15PM ~ As you may have well read, I said the 49ers almost won the game. But that does not take away from my point, that the 49ers seemed unprepared as a team for the Gravity of the Super Bowl.

      As for our local Media, I have seen the "Hype" for all past 5 Super Bowls in the Bay Area, that 49ers have been in....This was WAY OVER THE TOP, dear Sir, or Lady, imho.

    2. @ Feb. 4, 2013 at 12:15PMFebruary 4, 2013 at 8:45 PM

      So you are saying the 49ers were unprepared because of the excessive hype by local media? The local media hype cost them the game?

      That's an novel suggestion.

    3. Everyone to a man is saying that the 49ers approach to the game was evident, they looked unprepared, and CK7 looked like a deer caught in the head-lights. The 49ers were practically shut out in the 1st half of the Super Bowl.

      The ensuing hype from the Media did not help the 49ers cause, they were told everyday, for 2 weeks, & 24/7 that they were going to win the Super Bowl. My thoughts are, maybe they believed the hype, & thought all they had to do was "show up," and the Ravens would lay down.

      Next time maybe the 49ers should "Humble" themselves, and not buy so much into the Hype, that the Media is peddling. ~ Peace Out

    4. Whether the 49ers were prepared or not for the Super Bowl, their isn't a scintilla of evidence that it was related to local media coverage.

      Nor is there any evidence that the local coverage here was any different than the local coverage in Baltimore or any other city with teams preparing for the Super Bowl in recent memory.

      In fact, not that I think it matters, but San Francisco is probably more laid back than other cities about having a team in the championship game.

      Any argument that the local media coverage was a factor in the Niner loss is simply silly.

    5. You must be new on this website, huh? There was comment after comment on this website saying that the Media hype for the 49ers was way overboard!

      Dude, Or Miss...We can agree to disagree, but the bottomline is, I'm done with ya. But I would advise you to check out prior comments on this website about the Over "Hype" regarding the 9ers, which "I" personally believe lead to their defeat.

      And again Peace Out, you have a nice life....

    6. Who cares that a bunch of sports-know-nothings who reflexively complain about any local thing getting lots of attention claim that the game was over-hyped.

      That doesn't mean that it was more hyped here than anywhere else. But even if it was, it's ridiculous to assume that made them overconfident and that's the reason they lost.

      The issue isn't whether a bunch of yahoos on a website complain about over-hype. The issue is whether it's been over-hyped here more than other places and that over-hyping can effect a team detrimentally.

      You don't have a single piece of evidence to support either of those claims so basically you are just floating your opinion with no evidence to back it up.