Friday, February 22, 2013

Radio Blockbuster Friday; Joe Starkey on US Miracle on Ice; Dr. Bart Rossi on Oscar Pistorius and FishBowl LA's Richard Horgan on the Oscars

Joe Starkey
On my KSCO/KOMY Radio Show Today:

Joe Starkey called the last 10 minutes live on KGO from the Lake Placid Arena as the USA beat the Russian Hockey team 33 years ago today...Starkey recounts that incredible game today from 3-3: 40 PM PT...

Straight up at 1 PM: Dr. Bart Rossi, the nation's preeminent political psychologist--we discuss the Oscar Pistorius story and serial killers...

And finally, from 2-2: 2: 40: Richard Horgan, editor of FishBowl LA on the Oscars.

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  1. I forgot Starkey said that. I think of Al Michael's very similar "do you believe in miracles?" Ken Korach dusted it off for the A's last season with a "Do you believe?" used a few times.
    Who was first, Joe or Al?

  2. Disregard previous message..I just read the other post explaining it all.

  3. Is the radio show a webcast only? Or will I be able to hear it if say I'm driving around the Santa Cruz area and tune into 1080 or KOMY's frequency? I am having trouble finding Rich in the San Jose area. Everytime I turn on 1080 during Rich's time, I hear other DJ's.

  4. Wonderful interview Rich. As a hockey fan it was interesting to hear Joe say that game was a bigger thrill for him than his famous football call. I loved the part where he pleaded with KGO to cut away from the news and let him do play by play by telephone. That could have been your best yet Rich. Catch the podcast if you missed it folks!

  5. Did Starkey butcher the call of the 'Miracle on Ice' the way he did with 'The Play' (Cal vs Stanford in 1982). Can't believe that people think that that was a great call, Starkey never identifies a player or tells you where the ball it: "there's another one, the ball is still alive! ON the band is on the field! He's gonna score!"
    What? Who is going to score. Awful, awful call, embarrassingly bad, but it wasn't the first awful call from Starkey who has had his share of them over the years. Seldom has one announcer gone so far with so little talent! (Except for perhaps Ron Barr!)

  6. "Lieberman Live" is aired on AM 1340 KOMY, 1-4 pm, Monday through Friday. This is AM 1080 KSCO's sister station. KOMY's signal covers Santa Cruz, Monterey, Salinas and I can pick up the station on my car radio while driving in the South Bay.
    Lieberman Live is streamed on the Internet here:
    < >

    1. Thanks for the response!

  7. Quote from Lieberman Live at around 3:36pm
    Rich:”Joe Starkey, what fun interview, would you like to stick around a little longer?”
    Starkey:”Uh, no, I think that's enough”
    Rich:”Yes I agree”
    Mr. Lieberman, I applaud you. You've made great strides in recent weeks. No longer are you incessantly interrupting guests, you sound more relaxed and thus your show is much more delightful. As you signed off today I felt a tinge of sadness that we won't be able to hear you again until Monday. Cheers baby!

  8. I enjoyed listening to the podcast with Joe Starkey. I remember back in '75 when I was in 5th grade and Joe Starkey came and did a presentation in my class. I was in awe that I got to meet a radio personality who I would listen to Saturday after Saturday as he broadcast Cal football games. I also remember The Play in 1982 as I sat with my dad in Section FF Row 64 of Memorial Stadium. I had my little transistor radio with me so I could listen to Joe broadcast the game. Lots of good memories. Thanks, Joe, for sharing your time and thanks, Rich, for having Joe as a guest on your show.

  9. I remember Joe doing PBP for the Seals on KEEN radio.