Friday, February 22, 2013

John Feinstein Show on KNBR 1050: Civil, Funny, Entertaining Sports Radio in the Morning, (Finally)

CBS Sports Radio

It is welcome news that if one in the Bay Area enjoys a quality sports radio show in the morning, they now have the option of listening to the John Feinstein Show on Knibber's suddenly humane 1050 AM, (6-9 AM).

Feinstein is a part of the new CBS Sports Radio package, the bulk of its content appearing on the same station.

Feinstein is a prolific sports author and writer, (from the Washington Post and others), which doesn't necessarily translate into a good radio show, but that's not the case here.

Feinstein, along with two capable on-air helpers, provides an interesting, in-depth, funny, and engaging, (live too), program consisting of pithy discussion, interviews, opinion naturally, and all in the context of enlightening you without insulting you, (like another local show at Knibber's 680 outpost).

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  1. He is Booooooring! Can he get a guest that is not a member of the AARP?

  2. I agree with 8:09.
    Boring as all hell.
    On top of that he can't seem to go 10 minutes without mentioning some book he wrote.
    And, like ESPN, seems to think the sports world revolves around NY teams.

  3. Yes I have heard the Feinstein show on KNBR 1050.
    Better than listening to a couple of little boys on KNBR 680 from 5:00am-9:00am.
    Speaking of insulting radio listening. Murph and Mac.

  4. Couldn't agree more. Anything is preferable to that insufferable morning show. 'Murphy and Mac' sound like a couple of smarmy frat boys with their silly little inside jokes with that idiot producer 'p-con' who sounds like one of the most dysfunctional people on radio. That's KNBR however. Hammer is a tool. They hire amateurs and put 'em on the air and call it radio. It's a joke!

  5. He's a complete bore. Not stupid, but uninteresting, and certainly not waking people up. The KNBR show is pretty bad, but if you think this is the answer then you don't know what you're talking about.

    Everyone knows a morning show carries a station's water, and this isn't going to do it.

    1. Agreed, Feinstein is nothing special. King Rich just loves to criticize the local guys.

    2. I disagree 2:06pm.
      Colin Cowherd was interesting radio. John Feinstein may not be in Cowherd's league but he sure is better than two juveniles at KNBR 680 between the hours of 5:00am and 9:00am.

  6. I shit-canned listening to our local sports talk radio years ago. I've been an ESPN radio "Mike-and-Mike" fan for eight years now. (via Satellite radio).

  7. I thoroughly enjoy The Rise Guys on The Game; they're smart, funny, and entertaining.

  8. I gotta agree with those that say his show is a bore. He talks about East Coast College Baketball, various golf interviews he has had etc. I listened a few times and figured that was enough to know I wasn't in his audience demo.

    I was hoping when Tim Brando left Yahoo Sports Radio he was going to be paired up with Feinstein but that didn't happen.

    I was always a Doug Gottlieb fan and hoped his show would appear on KNBR but no such luck. Personally I think the best Nat'l sports show is Dan Patrick's show, but it's not on the air in the bay area. Have to listen to Fox Sports via Satellite.