Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Doctor who has a device that gives limited vision to the blind and State Sen Leland Yee on Cal Coach Mike Montgomery's 'Shove on Radio Today

Big powerhouse of a radio show TODAY...

Straight off from 1-1: 40, Dr. Rajesh Khanna on his device that gives limited vision to blind people. A recent article in the NY Times provides the specifics and I'll ask the questions...You can too.

From 2: 05 to 2: 15, State Senator Leeland Yee on his stance that Cal basketball coach, Mike Montgomery should have been suspended over his actions involving a player.

The number into the switchboard to participate: 831-477-1340 and here's the KSCO/KOMY link to listen to the show. We're on Monday -Friday from 1- 4PM PT.

*BONUS: Special Surprise!! Guest from 3:20-4 PM.

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  1. Tony says Yee should go easy on Montgomery. It's not like poor judgement got the best of Montgomery and he got caught stealing sun tan lotion.

    Tony couldn't be less interested in what Yee has to say about anything much less a topic that's beyond what he was hired to concentrate on.

    1. Tony sounds like a moron talking in the third person. Only 4 year olds and retards are allowed to talk in such a manner. Rich, please censor this guy. Please!

    2. Tony will take the bait and gravitate to the hate(Tony rhymes like a rapper):

      1)"retards"...very insensitive and in poor taste.
      2)"allowed"...who made 6:33 the internet police.
      3)"censor"...Tony remarked on the topic, 6:33 only wants to infringe on others. Which of us should be censored?

      Tony gets grief over his flair for conversation but thats Tony. Tony's name causes him problems too, oh well.

      Tony knows what makes 6:33 happy but wont play along... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4aHrRocA3E

      Reading Tony's remarks is a privilege, not a god given right. 6:33's privileges have hereby been revoked until further notice.

      PS Kudos's to the eye doc for his life's work

    3. Tony the retard and Stan the Radnich conspiracy theorist need to get together and entertain each other with their idiotic rants that only they find amusing. Rich, seriously, you do a great disservice to your blog allowing such morons to post. Anyone who refers to themselves in the third person should automatically be purged from humanity, let alone this blog.

  2. What station is the show on? I have tried listening to 1080 both today and yesterday from 12pm to 4pm or so and always hear hosts that are not Rich Lieberman. Thanks.