Thursday, January 10, 2013

On the Radio Show Today: KTVU's Rita Williams; Richard Horgan on the Oscars; Ed Berliner

1-1: 45 PM PT: Rita Williams, KTVU reporter

2-3 PM: Richard Horgan, Media Bistro/Fishbowl LA writer, on the Oscars

3-4 PM: Ed Berliner debate

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  1. Really enjoyed your interview with Marty Lurie today. Great radio! You have been hauling in impressive guests. Keep up the good work!

    Any chance of getting Frank Dill. It would be interesting to hear from him again!

  2. Very good interview with Rita Williams. That's all the time I had to listen. Also, terrific was John Rothman interview yesterday. Great guests and good interviewing allowing the guests to speak and develop the topics. I will keep listening when I can. It's a relief to have some good to listen to at 1:00 on.

  3. Have listened in to snippets of your radio show. Sounds promising but you REALLY NEED TO STOP TALKING OVER YOUR GUESTS AND INTERRUPTING THEIR RESPONSES. IT IS SO SO ANNOYING!!! STOP IT.

  4. Darn! I wish I could have heard Rita's interview (I'll try to find the podcast). She is the gold standard for Bay Area reporters. Simply the best! When she retires, it's going to be a real loss. What a classy lady. I am glad I got to work with her over the years. Cheers Rita!!!