Tuesday, January 8, 2013

On the Radio Show Today: Jim Brown and NBC Bay Area's Janelle Wang

Today on the radio:

1-1: 30 PM PT: NBC Bay Area Anchor, Janelle Wang

3-3: 30PM: NFL Hall-of-Famer: Jim Brown

Listen live here

Janelle Wang

Jim Brown


  1. Your guests are the very same guests Janell and Spencer Christian should have had on their show.
    Too bad local TV talk shows cant have crossover interviews of talents. What that limits, is huge.
    Your filling the void.

  2. Let's see, Rich Lieberman takes no "bool----" from anybody within the Bay Media, so why not talk to the original "no bool----er", football's best player of all time (until Jerry Rice arrived), Mr. Jim Brown. Should be a fun one-on-one!

  3. Wang? Well I guess that means today won't be the day I finally tune in to hear your voice Rich...

  4. Rich
    The comments about your new show and topics in general are getting less and less comment these days, especially about your radio show. How come? Is there a limit to when you start before people will start commenting or is there another reason? I expected many more than 3 or 4 a day. Thanks for reading.