Tuesday, January 15, 2013

KTVU'S Mark Ibanez on Radio Today; Plus Veteran Broadcaster Ed Berliner and I Go at It; Just added: Don Sanchez


Mark Ibanez: KTVU Weeknight Sports anchor 1-2 PM PT

Ed Berliner: Veteran TV anchor--ESPN, FOX, CBS, NBC Emmy Winner

Don Sanchez: 40-year-plus KGO-TV anchor/reporter 3-4 PM


  1. An awful interview / argument with Berliner. Interrupting a guest's opinion to make your owns ruins your credibility. Disagree, but come back with a factual point. You didn't listen to a word Berliner said to make an understandable opinion, Rich. Only your anger.

  2. Rich:

    Starting to tune out of your blog; it's becoming one big commercial for your show. IMHO it's sucking out your objective credibility. Sorry.

  3. "Objective credibility" ??? What blog are you reading? I agree with the rest of your post. We're now back to Lance Armstrong, then, after the second break ("see you soon ..." back to gun control and a long-winded spew. Wow. Some people who own radio stations, no matter how worthless their stations are have no clue. Oh, heard a part of a rant from Alex Jones calling the President "The Dictator President" during the gun speech this morning. Rich, have you lost all respect for yourself?

  4. Rich--I second 9:56. Nothing wrong with promoting your show here! But the fun stuff that drew me a year ago is hardly ever here now. Doing a radio show must drain a lot of your time. But still! Throw us a bone or two? How's Ronn?

  5. Rich, while we readers appreciate the fact that you're trying to make a living and we're happy that you've got your own radio show, we'd also appreciate it if you would stick to blogging about the media on this site, rather than using it as a way of advertising your program. We get the feeling that you're like that kid in the back of the room who's screaming and holding up his hand to get the teacher's attention with: "HEY, LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!!!!'
    You're better than that.

  6. "Hi, I'm Ed Berliner, and it's now time for my show...'Giggles and grins!"

  7. " Hi...I'm Mark Ibanez...and now I'm going to give you the soft sell on sports...that's the sporting life...!"

    A nice guy, but one of the laziest broadcasters ever in the bay area who has been very lucky to have that one job for over 30 years!