Friday, September 6, 2019

KTVU is Still Scared To Death of Tom Vacar

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ONCE UPOUN a Time, KTVU veteran reporter, consumer editor, Tom Vacar, was a sight to behold reporting on some profound issues involving top-of-the-mast stories, consumer developments and political analysis. Legal issues too which included high-profile court cases and that makes sense for Vacar has a law degree and although he doesn't practice law, certainly knows the ins and outs in the legal world. Which is exactly why KTVU and FOX specifically is scared shit of him and is afraid to dare ask him to retire or accept some buyout and we all know FOX loves buyouts nowadays.

Vacar has been in the doldrums recently and all you have to do for proof of that is just watch him. He doesn't smile much and when  he does, it's by accident. His overall demeanor is somewhere between gloom and doom, like a pervasive itch or abscess that doesn't go away. He's sort of resolutely mean and depressing and that's the positive thing about him; more often, Vacar seems to have a fixation on appearing glum and mum, like the town center of a Lodi strip mall.

But seriously, KTVU brass has for years has, behind the scenes, quietly urged Tom V to take a hike but not in earnest because they seriously are AFRAID that the old cat would sue their ass and thus, they have stayed off Vacar's behind and hoped he would get the message and just slip away and retire and go home but that's not on his agenda and KTVU knows that and is stuck. Why so? Because Vacar could sue on basis of age discrimination and probably win. He does have a pulse.

Every now and then, Vacar's expertise in worldly issues like the law and governmental affairs come in handy and he's quite good at explaining the situation. If there's a major airplane crash (God forbid) Vacar the aviation czar could be an effective on-air contributor but we're off on a tangent now.

Vacar seems glum even when he's happy chewing on a good cigar; I can attest to that when I was lucky enough to receive a Cuban stogie from him during a wine-cellar dinner at Cypress Club way back in 1995. It's not there anymore and to my best of recollection, the last time Vacar smiled.
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Tom Vacar in his KGO-TV days


  1. Rich, interestingly enough, KTVU just announced the addition of a new political reporter, Greg Lee, who previously served as an Orange County reporter for ABC 7 LA. Lee is the third reporter to join KTVU in two weeks. First Allison Rodriquez as a morning and noon GA, and then Greg Liggins from KOVR who reports weekends......

  2. I worked with TV Tommy Vacar at KGO in the late 70's. Not sure why anyone would be afraid of him. He was the biggest ass-kisser
    in the newsroom