Wednesday, September 12, 2018

KPIX Meltdown: Chaos in the Morning at CBS-SF; KTVU Sunday-Thursday Anchor Line-Up Ain't Such a Big Deal; Frank Somerville is Frank Somerville; Sloppy Seconds Mark Ibanez; Roberta Gonzales NOT Going Back to KPIX; Damon Bruce makes More Than Larry Krueger; Papa Don't Preach; Wednesday Noshes

Image result for San Francisco News Media SUPPOSEDLY, It's become so bad, so toxic, so worthless, at KPIX's "Morning Show" with rapidly fading morale; a slew of countless EPs that were supposedly hired to right the ship; but the truth is how can you right wayward ship when it's already sunk? How can you create some light when the deep, black hole has taken permanent form?

OFCOURSE KPIX in the morning is unwatchable too; a benign, no-personality, no stream of simple, original thought comprised mainly of an overrated diva who thinks she's a modern-day Evita; an ill-begotten Hawaiian anchor who rides bicycles to work and insists a camera crew filming him is worthy of a package; oh, and the traffic woman who makes coin secretly telling producers her boobs are great for the morning audience. What audience? All ten of 'em, that audience? Good grief.

KPIX has yet to figure you how to BUILD a cohesive, concise, intact morning platform that could potentially cut into a portion of KTVU's devalued, marginalized, but still #1-rated in the AM; 'PIX doesn't have to recreate Gone With the Wind; they don't have the patience nor the staying power to take down Channel 2 and their current iteration of leftover morsels.

Image result for KPIX Morning Show
Kenny Choi and Michelle Griego
Creative, out front wisdom needs sustaining power and a business model of long-term growth and potential payback. It can't be achieved at PIX because they have CRAPPY anchors, EPs that have no vision and only possess below-average scope and are ego maniacs who take pleasure in making co-workers fear everyday working conditions. The talent still sucks because the temptation of hiring, (AGAIN) Hawaiian-bred anchors for the sole purpose of trying to cater to the Asian Bay Area community is a total farce. How pandering too. Kenny Choi is a disaster by the way so if you're going to go that route, at ;east have the presence of mind to hire somebody who is interesting to watch and has an iota of something more compelling that we watching him on a bicycle.

*OH BOY, Star Anchor team now broadcasts Sunday-Thursday, how creative and chock full of wisdom, next thing you know they'll (anchors) eventually write their own copy! OH BOY!!
Image result for KTVU Sommerville and Haener Sunday-Thursday
Somerville, Haener and Ibanez Sunday artists
Why are we being deluged that Frank Somerville and Julie Haener have Friday and Satuday off? Is it because its, wait now, FOOTBALL season! at FOX-owned KTVU and they want to have a bigger audience on Sunday night? I just told you what KTVU won't, and big deal, not a really huge issue but the fear mongers at Jack London Square rely on tension in the building.

*A LITTLE INSIDE BASEBALL on Frank Somerville: Frank is a good guy and generally a good newsman who wants to perform. The problem with Frank is when he's so much not the Frank off-air as he is on-air. He's become slightly-phony and his news cred (along with his personal cred) has taken a beating. He doesn't have to be the overly-schmaltzy guy he isn't; he should concentrate on being what he is: an overall nice man with a few too many off-company time vices that has placed him in the crosshairs of jealous newsroom gossipers --Frank, pay attention to the wife; resist sloppy seconds; don't let Mark Ibanez talk you into explaining why he's having very public lunches with women not his wife; just be your usual FRANK, which may not be so great but at least you're honest.

*Julie Haener: possibly the most cunning, dishonest figure there since Pam Cook --but at least Cook is honest.

*Hell no Roberta Gonzales will come back to that zoo at KPIX; for starters, she's making much more money in her new gig; second, she wants NO PART of KPIX. That should tell you something.

Image result for Roberta Gonzales
Roberta Gonzales at A's Game

*Ronn Owens took Willie Brown to lunch the other day at Originals Joe's in North Beach: on a $60 tab, good old Ronnnnnnie left a 7 dollar tip. Yeah, I guess there's a recession in Sea Cliff.

*Damon Bruce of the FM Sports Station (95.7 FM, 'The Game) makes $300K a year and is vastly higher paid then Larry Krueger on KNBR who whispers constantly to media people "I'm the highest paid talk host in SF --second only to Gary Radnich."

*Greg Papa would be in that group but between the state, government and his second wife, good grief!

Papa is warming to the community now; he only talks over his woman co-host half the time.

Papa should take Mark Davis out for some drinks at the Emeryville Trader Vics; talk about the good old days when Al, Mark's late father, used to shut up Greg and tell him who was really the boss.

Image result for greg papa
Greg Papa: speaking of sloppy seconds
Papa has no tact. He quietly likes to cut people down both in front of the curtain and behind. He's had too many after-dinner drinks at the bar where the Raider cheerleaders hang out.

*I hear KNBR is back to using its $2 cell phones for radio interviews.

Thata Babe!

*By the way, I'm supposed to have an orgasm because The Sports Bleeder hired a new female voice its morning show?

Never heard of her; won't listen; would rather have my innards looked at by an enraged mountain lion.

Image result for Damon Bruce
Damon Bruce
*Big News: Radnich hasn't step foot in the Tenderloin since the first Obama administration.


  1. You're wrong about KPIX!! There were actually 11 people watching. Me being the eleventh. After a night of drinking, I stumbled on the station for about 30 sec's. It's the remote's fault.

  2. Where is Kenny Choi this week? Sure wish I could get time off my job like he does.

    KPIX now has the worst, by far, of any of the morning news shows. Their traffic reports are a joke, with the terrible maps. Way too many graphics to understand, and the time directions still all pointing east.

    Hard to believe that it would come a time when KRON4 probably has the best morning show. Like all the other stations, lots of weather and traffic, but good on the news features. The new field reporters are much more professional, and better overall, than the ones at PIX.

    1. Add Will Tran to KTVU and you've got a good team. I like KRON's mornings but I can't stand their studio, sound, or annoying bright red graphics. KTVU is still my go to for news (mornings and evenings) mostly because they have a solid morning show and I like Somerville. KTVU does need to add some more field reporters to mornings, they seem understaffed in that department. I really like how KTVU is also the only station in the Bay to send a 2 person crew to all stories. They don't do stand ups or live shots without someone in front of and BEHIND the camera.

    2. The jury is still out for Sara Stinson on KRON4 Mornings reporter.

  3. And then there is the female equivalent to Greg Papa... those 2.5 million dollar homes in the hills of Pleasanton can be a hard thing to divvy up after a divorce... Therefore she stays married

  4. I have been watching KGO 7 more often after that one reporter LOL fell on hair moose claiming disability, how the heck can they hire Reggie Aqui as a morning anchor? This morning there was a reporter on a Korean music group having a concert in Oakland and Reggie dare to say if you don't know about this group, it is time to get educated telling all viewers at all ages. KGO 7, time to get rid of this guy. Also, he looks like an idiot with those glasses on.

    1. I only watch KGO for the train wrecks. Mornings are good, but evenings are epic belly laughs from start to finish. KGO makes KRON look good!

    2. Train wreck describes KGO-TV perfectly. Cannot believe this once iconic station fell so low, so quickly. From the break of dawn until 11:30 pm KGO news is a total embarrassment in dire need of a complete re-build. Kristen Sze's horrendously annoying laugh like finger nails on a chalk board, and Daetz was never capable of filling Carolyn Johnson's spot. Re-Dick!!

  5. Maybe KPIX should have a "Where's Kenny" segment?

  6. Rich,

    What's your take on Mary Lee's weather reports on KCBS?

  7. Yep, Divas nr the tenderloin misses Gary. He was a great customer back in the day!

  8. old pic of damon bruce and he and larry kruger are the most overrated duo on radio, pompus windbag blowhards whose ego's are the size of the golden gate bridge

  9. Hey Rich, maybe you could ask your sources at KCBS the reaction to carrying the Raiders season opener on both 740 and 106.9 along with 95.7. Have to think a lot of commuters were upset with no traffic reports in the early evening.

  10. Maybe Kenny was only hired part-time for vacation/summer relief.

    1. Michelle finally finished him off and sent him back to Hawaii. Jaclyn you are next.

    2. Yeah, we're the ones that need the relief...

  11. After a year of reading about Kenny Choi on Rich's blog (I used to live in the BA but now live in Atlanta), I finally made myself watch a few KPIX morning shows.

    I don't get what all the commotion is all about, Rich.

    I was fully expecting to watch a comical incompetent. But to the contrary, he was pretty professional. I may be in the minority, but I like my anchors to just gimme the damn news/stories--and Kenny did. He may not look like your stereotypical distinguished White male, but as far as his delivery and overall performance, Kenny is pretty solid.

  12. I hope Natasha blows the BA because quit frankly the BA does not deserve her.

    The BA newsrooms are the most evil in the biz. The players are petty yet full of gas, and God forbid you piss-off some old reporter/ mavin who can't nor will ever change.

    people used to want to come to the BA to work in TV/ radio...but now you can't find anyone stupid enough to come here.

    The news product is the worst in the nation...and that 'aint saying a whole lot.

    1. There is no question that Bay Area news rooms are pure evil. I don't think Natasha Zouves fully healed from the bullying she endured at the hands of Sze. It was bad enough that she will need to heal, and re-create herself in another market. Its too bad because she is smart, talented, and adored by many industry pros.

  13. I'd like to see Anne Makovec and Emily Turner as PIX morning anchors

  14. What does the world see in Lisa Argen? A mediocre personality at best, no looks, old news. A face suitable for public access television.

  15. ktistin sze, the second coming of
    the "dragon lady"

  16. Word. Very insecure, and for good reason. She's a bow-wow. On-air she tries to be so over-the-top nicey-nice, (terrible actress) you just know when they go to commercial she's ripping off heads.

  17. I for one hate the rotating anchor positions at KTVU. I find it confusing and don't think it adds anything to their end result. They seem to have the best team but I do watch KCBS in the evening sometimes. Tried the KCBS morning show and just couldn't watch. ABC used to be good but it has gone downhill too.