Saturday, June 2, 2018

Phony People

Image result for phony people I GOT SOME PEOPLE here blasting me for my denunciation of a certain KTVU anchor; oh hell, he's Frank Somerville. I won't call Frank a phony because he's not but he sometimes goes out of his way to project wholesomeness and it comes across, to me at least, as insincere. Mind you I'm not questioning his appeal as a news anchor; I've lauded Frank many times here, but that's not my point today.

Like many of you, growing up I used to think many of the media people here, especially on local TV News, were admirable and dedicated. I marveled at their talent and looked forward to their news presentation. Most of them have either retired or died; there's a few left but just that, only a few.

The situation today is a bay's full of pretty much phony people. Posers. And they're not even talented; most of them are mediocre at best and complete sellouts and louts. Some of them step on their underlings and the huge ego they are think they're immune from being called out or criticized --how dare he! I'm not going to mention specific names for now because by and large there's so many it's more like a class not a particular one-person identity; a collective group of disingenuous no-talent hacks that got lucky and landed here somehow, someway.

Look, I've said this a million times; this site is not intended for people who want to read glowing reviews and candy store recipes --oh sure, every now and then I will comment on what I believe is good work and laud the person, the station, you get my drift but that's rare these days in the land of pretentious, phony jerks and jerketts. You want Mary Poppins, then read the guy in the Sunday pinkie every two weeks. He's like the Highlights magazine you read when you were a kid in the dentist's office.

Phony people. Look, I'm not saying I myself am immune from this disease; at least I admit it. And truth be told I was probably trying diligently to gain access for a background story on something but it was scarce phony and I retreated --by and large the phonies here are, god, so phony. I've probably lost a few friendships in exposing them but expose them I do and will continue to do unless I have an extreme thirst or lack my pastrami on rye at Tommys Joynt. So those are my boundaries. Truth be told.

This site is dedicated to the age-old relic called truth and honesty. Which in theory should be an everyday practice. I try. Yeah, so now you're going to rip me for calling out some phonies and having the chutzpah to ask for donations. Yeah, sorry, but I don't discriminate when it comes to contributing to this blog because I need the money to keep it going, go ahead and sue me just spell my name right.

I'd rather be called out and lose friendships for pointing out the weaknesses of these petards than encouraging their fakeness and exposing their faux acts --oh, so they can read a teleprompter, by god, what heroes.

Am I being cranky? Yeah, shit, the truth shall let me be free. But get this, I'm going out and breathe some fresh air and think about the next thing I'm going to write and promise you it will not be lovey-dovey drugstore romance. If I want to go down that alley it's only because the romance involves cads.
And the drama that is called Bay Area media and me exposing the vultures I will continue to procure provided you and your partner support my ability to write the unpopular which is a whole lot more interesting than getting a mug from KQED.

Rock on.


  1. I see Rich found out that Ms. Caen anchored alongside Bastida on PIX last night. Hence, his crankiness.

    1. And Ms Goodrich the night before. Dare we hope?

  2. You never have anything good to say much...only the "negatives"...

  3. #1 Poser = Lieberman

    You won't print this but you know you own it!

  4. What has happened to Henry Shulman? Since his move to the Chronicle, his coverage of the Giants is very rah rah and homeristic. I know he has to cow tow a bit, but come on. He's great with the nicknames too. C-Rod!