Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Early Warriors' Parade Coverage Observations; Screaming and Yelling in The Town; Wacky KTVU

Related image WELL, WHY NOT HAVE A PARADE? AGAIN...OK, so perched near a Lake Merritt abode on the other side of the commotion with TV availability...

*Of course there's a lot of yelling and screaming --which is further enhanced when bottles of liquid that is probably not water and the sight of several cameras and reporters trying their damnest to report with Chamber of Commerce weather (damn it's hot out here)

A Few Observations Thus Far:

*KGO TV (ABC7) early award for most comprehensive coverage of Warriors' victory parade through Downtown Oakland with mostly pointed and civil on-scene reports; Lyanne Melendez gets extra points.

*KTVU: lots of screaming and wacked-out correspondents; goofy Mark Ibanez and Sal Castaneda acting doofus inside studio as if they were describing a political summit. Weird? Yep/

See ya later...


  1. All channels are going commercial free accept Gary’s KRON

    1. Radnich accepted KRONs commercials???