Thursday, May 24, 2018

Uh, Jennifer Seelig Has Lost The KCBS News Room; Corral and Staff At Odds Over Format Stray; Get Out The Subways Fast

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Rebecca Corral
YEAH, THERE'S QUITE SOME FIRE TAKING PLACE AT KCBS...News Director, Jennifer Seelig has Lost The Newsroom.

At the center of the storm now? veteran newswoman and midday anchor, Rebecca Corral; she can't stand Seelig and she's not the only one.

Seelig has a problem on her hands, big time, if she isn't on Corral's good guy list and she's not.

Maybe she's too busy reading lovey-dovey press releases about herself.

The normally mild-mannered Corral has the respect of the entire newsroom (except one bitter reporter who covers the North Bay and wants to desperately return to TV) but has yet to warm to Seelig's incompetent managing style.

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Jennifer Seelig
How bad is Seelig?

The other week, according to a knowledgeable source, Seelig wandered around the KCBS newsroom and was lamenting how many staffers were on vacation; at one point she asked if anyone there "has any on-air anchoring experience"? Supposedly, said the source, one person said "yes" --and Seelig laughed it off.

Way to galvanize your news personnel, no wonder you've lost the staff.

Seelig is a veteran radio player but has alienated the staff with an apparent shift away from a hard-news format to a brand of soft-pedal news and fluff pieces combined with overdone cackling by some anchors who seem to believe their giggles are beloved by listeners.

I'm not late to the party.

It's time, maybe, that Seelig cross the street and buy a few hundred dollars worth of Subways to give to staff before they laugh her butt all the way back to Manteca.


  1. I haven't listened to KCBS in almost years. My car gets live traffic and weather updates, and their "news" content is virtually non-existent. The rest is commercials. In this age of Apple CarPlay and news on my phone with ad blockers, why bother with KCBS?

    1. KCBS has been in steady decline and flatlined since being taken over my Entercom. It's so sad that they don't care anymore about putting on a good product.

  2. KCBS is running ads that they are hiring.
    .....Contact Edith Rivera
    She calls the shots.

  3. RICH!

    I have some urgent questions... Well, not urgent but if I don't ask them now I'll forget!

    Why does KTVU shuffle anchors so much for their 4 and 7 pm newscasts. The new Andre Senior works weekends, and does about 3 weekdays as well. Heather Holmes works Sundays-Thursdays generally, but she fills in so much for Frank or Julie that often Cristina Rendon anchors 4/7 newscast! When Alyana Gomez gets back, do you think she'll co-anchor Saturday nights with Andre? Will she take Cristina Rendon's fill in role? WHY does KTVU not have primary anchors for the 4 on 2 and 7 on KTVU plus?

    Also, on another note, ex ABC 7 Elissa Harrington has begun at KTVU! She had a couple live shots this morning on gas prices....

    Finally, what happened to Cristian Kafton and Monte Francis! I haven't seen Francis on air in weeks!

    1. I think Monte Francis is on ABC7 and Christian Kafton is on NBC Bay Area.

  4. Seelig looks like one of those cutthroat upper management bitches we used to deal with at Pac Bell/SBC/AT&T. I'll bet they can hear her coming down the KCBS halls with heels clomping on the tile or laminate at a good clip. The most loathsome sound there is at any corporate workplace.

  5. Reason Culross is ahead of Corral in power: She can handle both Seelig and Jeffrey Schaub (Rich's unnamed North Bay reporter who doesn't respect Corral). Mr. Lieberman has many times already shared/confirmed his disregard for Schaub's ego struggles. You can look it up.

  6. Too bad they can't replace the extreme left political hack with an unbiased veteran. Tired of Sandoval's obvious agenda driven drivel

  7. Nuts! Anyone who can't locate an experienced radio news anchor in this market isn't looking. There are good people who got sick of the treatment at TTN and would be happy to fill in at KCBS.