Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Live Stand-Up Report Hidden Art in Bay Area

Image result for Television live stand-up report YOU WOULD THINK it would be easy; the live stand up report. Pretty common and standard operating procedure but in the Bay Area mostly, sad to say, a lost cause.

How simple is an easy toss from the anchor to the reporter at the scene?

KGO's Lyanne Melendez is pretty darn good; so too KTVU's Rob Roth.
Vic Lee is pretty decent on the other hand, Amber Lee is dear-in-headlights bad. Joe Vasquez at KPIX has it down pat but his partner, Da Lin should go back to basic training.


  1. Haven't seen Da in awhile, but he was god-awful atrocious.
    Hope he has improved. The backbone of a field reporter is the eye contact they have with the viewing audience -- as if they're speaking to you personally. Da often breaks that eye contact as he gathers his thoughts. Without a doubt, the best
    LIVE reporter in the Bay Area is Amy Holyfield at KGO

  2. You hit the nail on the head with Da Lin. Besides his slick hair appearance, his delivery is down right bad. And, he doesn't have the presents to be in front of a camera. I feel bad when watching him cover a story because I'm so focused on his appearance, that I forget what he's talking about.

  3. Da reminds me of a Transylvanian vampire looking for his coffin.

    Amber is one of the veterans of KTVU. Yet every night she still looks like she's doing her very first live shot.

  4. Ummm - never worked "with" Da - but worked with him in the field. Da is one of the nicest and most professional reporters working in the Bay Area. #TeamDa