Sunday, May 20, 2018

Bloom Leaving KGO-TV; A Few Sunday Notes

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At KGO-TV, veteran reporter Jonathan Bloom is leaving the station after seven years; destination unknown, to pursue more invigorating assignments.

Bloom's departure comes amid growing dissatisfaction at 900 Front. This is not to say Bloom leaving Circle7 is solely due to KGO's slide but it sure indicates the mood inside the newsroom.

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Jonathan Bloom
Her highness, the News Director that lacks essential people skills, Tracey Watkowski-Silva, is once again in the crosshairs of growing unease among staffers, especially the off-air folks but she's thoroughly disliked by a few anchors too--one, a veteran who can't wait to leave and is out the door in a few months; (think weekend).

Trixie has somehow withstood all the carnage and inside catcalls but sooner or later, ABC has to make a decision and that decision could be sooner rather than later. The troops are in a foul mood.

*If Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth then the newsroom at KTVU is the most unhappiest --trust me.

*Does anybody care about "Bay-to-Breakers" anymore?

OK, so it's a helluva party --I'm sure residents along the running route are just happier than pigs in poop after having to clean up the urine and beer bottles --yeah, one great party.


  1. KRON 4 is stupid.....the Stock Market closes on Friday every week...and everyone who has stocks know what the market closed at on Fridays...however, KRON 4 must think we are I keep on seeing the Friday stock market closing number on BOTH Saturday and Sunday KRON 4 news...What gives????

  2. "I'm sure residents along the running route are just happier than pigs in poop after having to clean up the urine and beer bottles --yeah, one great party."

    And used needles. Isn't Democrat leadership grand?

    1. Grand, and firmly entrenched in California.

    2. It's easy to get entrenched when you buy votes and vote against the best interest of the populace.

  3. ABC 7 needs to adapt an eyewitness news format like NY, Chicago, and LA and get their act together. Its just marketing, but it seems to work. The station actually sucks in its current state. KTVU's newsroom may be an "unhappy" environment, but at least they are producing the best newscasts by far in the market. KRON 4 could be 10 times better with a new news director and gm. They need to start putting more money into their production.... The live shots suck, and their newsroom has some flat screens and an old stereo speaker..... Ken Wayne has really improved their primetime newscasts though! I'm staring to like KPIX and NBC Bay Area a lot more too. The weekend female anchor at KNTV is good. She has personality! NBC Bay Area produces the best weekend newscasts in my book...

    Here is my preference of local stations:

    1) KTVU
    2) KPIX
    3) NBC Bay Area
    4) ABC 7 (but World News Tonight w/ David Muir is by far the best primetime national newscast)
    5) KRON

  4. Bay to Breakers serves to feed the biggest beast in the Bay Area: event chasers. It's all about being at an event and being cool. Do people care about what happens to the Warriors and the Giants? Not as much as you think. They want to be at the cool ball park and jump on that NBA Champions bandwagon. They want to be at Fleet Week. So on and so on. A lot of these folks aren't natives. They say things like, "I've been here so long, I'm a native." So phony. So plastic. So Bay Area. GTFO, frauds.

  5. Prior to joining KGO-TV in 2011 Jonathan Bloom was a GA Reporter for 5 years at KRON. Always enjoyed his smooth, polished reporting at KGO-TV especially on tech-related issues as he is a gadget guru himself. Good Luck to Jonathan on his next career move.

  6. Sweeps are done. Mornings sucked, again. Shu is gone. The new GM won't keep the most unpopular ND in Circle 7 history who swung and missed to be top dog. Hey Tracey, stay away from you "in box" this Friday!

  7. Bay-to-Breakers is extremely lucky that Kenyans still love to race up and down San Francisco hills. Runners from African countries and their sponsorships are keeping this less-running-more-useless-partying event afloat.