Thursday, April 5, 2018

Lieberman Gets Down to Business (Again) 415 Media Thursday Open

Image result for off the air tv THIS IS WHAT I DO...and hopefully do for the next several years.

When I post this some of you get really agitated --as if I broke into your house and wreaked havoc.

A good many of you complain that "I'm begging --again!! --WTF?!!

Yep, just like RSN and KQED and Rush Limbaugh asking for money for his "exclusive Rush club" because, as you know, Rush really needs the money.

Well, guess what? This Just In: I do too.

And a good many of you get it and have stepped to the plate and either have a paid subscription and/or made several contributions which make this site viable. Only problem is not enough of you --the documented many thousands of you that read 415 MEDIA --on good days and bad days--have contributed. Which is OK, I understand that many of you simply can't make a contribution because times are tough; but times are tough for me too.

25 bucks for a one-year subscription amounts to roughly 2 dollars a month; do the math: that's about 50 cents a week. Or to be really precise: about 7 cents a day.

I don't really think asking for that type of coin is outrageous. In fact, I think it's quite a deal. And as I've stated before, I'm much more entertaining than KQED --OK, so you get a few t-shirts and a coffee mug for 50 bucks a year so you can watch Masterpiece Theatre and a food chat show. What a bargain.

Under the present circumstances I need a certain amount of money to live and breathe and pay a few bills, like my cell phone, so I can make calls and text and work on stories, or god forbid, buy a sandwich at Miller's --you know, enjoy life like you do --it's an amazing thing when you can have a few bucks to eat a sandwich and hoist one every now and then.

Here's a thing about me and this site, 415 Media: I do all the heavy lifting. I write, produce, deliver the content, a one-man band. Some days are really good and entertaining --some are average and some are awful. But I'm here for you most of the time (excluding family tragedies) and I will be here for you indefinitely ...and based on the numbers, you love to visit and read; both the good and bad stuff.

There's a lot going on --I have major things to report and offer you my two cents which most of you really like and look forward to reading.

So, again, DO THE MATH.

And keep 415 Media OPEN for business 24/7 --become a PAID SUBSCRIBER or make a donation. The instructions are in the above link --it's pretty simple and easy, just think Pay Pal.

And NO, I'm not going to apologize for asking for a little bit of money to live on. This is not a hobby. This is not leisure. This is my gig. And guess what? I'm a darn good read (for the most part) and you're lucky to have me.

And I'm lucky to have you too.

So, go do the right thing and I'll post later today.

And as always, THANKS

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