Tuesday, April 17, 2018

De la Vega Leaving KGO-TV to become PR Rep for Palo Alto PD; Spent 12 Years as Reporter at KTVU

Image result for janine de la vega KGO
Janine De la Vega leaving KGO to become PR rep at Palo Alto PD

Another TV News reporter has quit to become a PR person; the latest, Janine De la Vega, a KGO-TV reporter (and also former KTVU rep) has left 900 Front to become a public affairs spokesperson for the Palo Alto Police Dept.

De la Vega spent 12 years at KTVU; she's been at KGO for a year.

She's become one of many people in the media biz that have left to become PR people at various organizations, public and private sector.

Seems the pay is about even and less stress and more stability is a wonderful selling point.

Less anxiety, less wear and tear on the nerves. Sounds good to me too.

h/t: (Palo Alto Daily Post)

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  1. What kind of outrageous salaries are being paid by these public agencies like municipal police departments, to lure successful television broadcasters from their stations?

    1. Or, maybe, how much less is TV paying these days?

  2. $80 to 100 K and you get to work 4 days a week.

  3. Being on tv is not the most important job in the world, you know. Especially when you've done it for more than a decade, you might reasonably want a change of pace, a public sector job with great retirement benefits and health plan, as well as the public service cred. The salaries are hardly outrageous, but you don't have to fuss about competing with the latest set of plastic hooters to enter the newsroom. You run your own shop.

    1. You'd be surprised. "The grass is always greener ... " Whole different set of problems.

  4. She probably made the right move in the long run. Long hours, chasing a story, the stress, and yes, the pay is poor. Look at where we live. Anchoring is where the money is being made. Look at Darya Folsom, $125 k a year, and she sucks!!!!

  5. I believe Mel Wax might have started this transitional phenomenon when he became George Moscone's PR person in 1977.

  6. She was pretty much a non-presence at KGO when I worked there.

    1. Was it perhaps because you were even more invisible, anonymous?

  7. The pay MAY be a little less...but more importantly, these PIO positions offer something WAY more important that TV stations do not offer:


    The (mostly) 40-hour workweeks....ten federal no-work holidays...and three weeks of vacation annually are also pretty huge too!

    1. And people who listen to you and value your advice because you've lived on the other side of the street and they don't know what it is like.

  8. Hi Rich,
    I work for the Palo Alto Weekly in advertising and her salary will be $125,000 a year. Here is the link.https://www.paloaltoonline.com/news/2018/04/17/police-department-hires-first-public-affairs-manager

  9. People who work at radio and TV stations and or do voice over work under a SAG-AFTRA contract for at least five years are vested in the union pension plan.

  10. Rich--You're absolutely correct-many people in the media biz
    TV/Radio/Newspaper have wisely left to become PR folks at various organizations, public & private. Besides Janine De La Vega here are others that have recently successfully made the transition.
    David Stevenson-10-year EX KTVU GA Reporter now spokesperson
    for the SF Police Department.
    Priya David Clemens-Ex KTVU Ga Reporter now spokesperson for
    Golden Gate Bridge Highway & Transportation District.
    Anna Duckworth-Ex KCBS reporter now one of several BART
    spokespersons along with another Ex KCBS reporter Chris Filippi
    Rachel Gordon- Ex longtime SF Chronicle reporter now spokesperson for SF Dept. of Public Works along with John Cote
    Ex longtime SF Chronicle reporter now spokesperson for SF District Attorney's Office.
    Robert Lyles-ex KPIX Ga Reporter now Media Affairs spokesperson for AC Transit.
    Keep up the great Work Rich! Cary SF

  11. Are SF TV folk still union these days? It's been awhile since I worked in that market. Back in the day, anchors and reporters were not unionized...but photogs, editors, and engineeers were (either NABET or IBEW)...and I believe producers and writers were under NABET.

    What's the situation like nowadays?