Monday, April 16, 2018

Bob Gowa: Traffic Steady and Good Guy All Around; Comey Interview Topic A Around Bay Area/National Media Except Albatross KGO Radio; More Secret Meetings at KPIX; Terry McSweeney Underrated at NBC Bay Area; Finally, Real Weather; KSFO Morning Show Morphs Further Into Mass Mayhem; Monday Munchies

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Bob Gowa

YES, there is a reason to listen to traffic: Bay Area broadcast veteran tonsil with the best set of pipes since Stacey Taylor: Bob Gowa. You've heard him on a variety of stations with the bolt-of-lightening voice that is second to none. Plus, he's a good guy too.

*The James Comey interview was Topic A all over the country (and somewhat abroad) Sunday night.

*Of course, not on the albatross AM 810 station where post-Comey interview the "comedienne" hosting was talking to some obscure woman about entertainment.

Good timing.

God forbid the alleged PD at KGO might have extended Pat Thurston and John Rothmann a few extra hours (they were on 4-7 PM) to get listener reaction to the interview but again, this requires basic thought process and that's not on the menu at KGO where incompetence and "7F's" rule the day.

As long as they are on the air, I will call them out when I see and hear their asininity in progress. Meanwhile, may they continue to spew all the tofu and wheat germ recipes as their heart desires.

*Once again, last week, three men in black suits and a woman in full corporate gear with a plethora of brief cases met secretly inside KPIX.

They were there on a business trip from Black Rock; CBS Headquarters in NY, to once again try to figure out just  what the hell is going on at their Bay Area O and O; I've been trying to figure that out in earnest for over ten years to no avail.

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Terry McSweeney/NBC Bay Area Area
*I recently gave you my Top Five Bay Area news anchors; I should have added underrated Terry McSweeney of KNTV who I've long said should have a time slot during the weeknight. McSweeney keeps it calm, cool and collected. Straightforward and crisp. He's fine Saturday and Sunday but in my opinion, (duh) he'd be great at 5 PM or at least midday during the week.

*You've often read my annoyance at the absurd amount of weather coverage in this region when there's really no weather. Often times it's a repetitive, chock full of time when something else could and should be said I don't give a shit about what the others do. Maybe it's the reason why AM radio is becoming like the Betamax.

TODAY was weather. I mean hail, wind, rain and WEATHER. I was caught in it in the Oakland Hills and it was both exhilarating and scary. Traffic nightmares everywhere and the Warren Freeway looked like a scene out of the summit before Tahoe.
Image result for Bay Area hail and rain wind April 16

Yeah, traffic and weather together actually existed. For a change.

*The KSFO Morning Show  has deteriorated even further; not that it was great to begin with, but when you label yourself as politically-oriented "talk station" --a la far right, then institute a barrage of train whistle noises, fart sounds, bizarre cow moos then it becomes a poorly run zoo.

Brian Sussman has gone off the deep end (politically) which is fine; we could agree to disagree about how the country is being run.

Sussman takes it further down putrid road with endless dirty, below-the-belt tidbits, bizarre off-topic pop culture vignettes that make no sense. His sidekick, Katie Green, has the innate ability to say, "wow" every five minutes and has "snarky" written all over her torso. She's mean too and goes below the belt. If all the hyperbole meant really high ratings over an extended time it would be fine to sell your soul and feed the family but KSFO and the Morning Show in particular are stuck in perpetual third-gear AM morning radio. Shock radio only works if something is truly shocking. Fart noises and constant "dammit Jim" sound bites appeal only to the people who think American Idol is a documentary.

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KSFO Morning Show -Brian Sussman and Katie Green
Brian, if I didn't care, I wouldn't write it. Go back to the basics and be less mean and idiotic.

Stop being juvenile, guys. You can do much better.

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  1. Nailed it on Terry McSweeney. Great asset. KGO was smart to bring him back into the market, not so wise to lose him.

    Also underrated - The San Jose NewsChannel operation back in the day.

  2. - Tell Black Rock that DR is a worsening albatross at PIX. And I may have misheard a few nights ago flipping channels, but Bastida mentioned something about "in six months". Not sure if there is anything to it, but if there is, it would be a wow based on longevity topped only by the late Dave McElhatton (currently 23-18 years at the lead anchor seat). I also know you have beefed a lot about the stereotypical reporters coming in from the Valley, but it really starts with DR coasting and continuing to get away with it. Maybe CBS will finally admit enough is enough.
    - KNTV notes: Yes, McSweeney is solid. Sadly, ol' Terry has sometimes been paired with lack-of-Presentation Vicky Nguyen. Unfortunately, despite Nguyen's recent gaffes, her presence in the Silicon Valley's Little Saigon community probably keeps her in a strong position.
    - Need to catch up on Gowa.
    - Glad I stay far away from Cloud Clown stations KGO-AM and KSFO. Sussman has long ago reached Bearman/Chip Franklin levels. Stale is an understatement; a shame, having remembered him as a decent meteorologist at KNTV & PIX.
    - Hail along the Oakland Hills at that level is rare. Fortunately, the worst is over. The A's All-Sox homestand - 3 with Chicago White, 4 with Boston Red - will not be affected, starting tonight in the latest Nimitz Nightmare at the Coliseum, which may be a double win should the A's and Warriors both win tonight (White Sox rusty after being snowed out at Twins, while the Spurs are missing their best player).

  3. I disagree with Rich, I actually dislike Terry and many former KGO anchors like Janelle and only NBC 11 will hired and accept them as promoted anchor. We all remember NBC 11 is a station focusing on San Jose South Bay compared to SF viewers, there is a challenge with the rival stations like KTVU and KGO, only news station I trust.

  4. It was you Rich, who helped me to deal with the changes at KSFO.
    About six or seven years ago, I was still grumbling with the fact that Sussman would never be a Lee Rodgers. You offered a very simple suggestion; 'Look around, see if anything else was worth listening to during that time slot." I was shocked. Why hadn't I thought to do that already? Brian Sussman has his own style, the radio station is obviously okay with it, so stop whining. Melanie Morgan was about to leave too. Things change. Look around! As it was, there were not a lot of choices, but even still, I walked away from KSFO and never felt that same level of anxiety again. For those who like his style, to each his own. I'm not losing anymore brain cells wondering why an Orange does not taste like a Watermellon.

    Thanks for that little push I needed to break the spell.
    It was like the first time I gave up smoking cigarettes.
    I can breathe again.

  5. Wasn't Bob Gowa on KNEW 910 several years ago? If so, I can remember him doing some interesting pieces between songs.

  6. Bob Gowa is a gem both on and off the air.. He also is a survivor in an industry which doesn't offer tenure to anyone.

  7. Rich, thanks for presenting evidence that the rumors of my abduction by aliens are greatly exaggerated. Seriously, I'm grateful to have had an opportunity to work with the finest talents ever and serve the people of my beloved bay area. Thanks for remembering me, Rich, and for the very kind words.

    1. The Obscene Steven Clean Jimmy Rabbit Fan ClubApril 17, 2018 at 3:19 PM

      Hey Bob, Didn't you have a mid-morning/early afternoon shift during the Shadoe Stevens daze at "MotherRoq" in Burbank/Pasadena? Man,I wish I still had my old cassette tapes of legendary flash-in-the-pan free-form airshifts from the Roqs of Los Angeles circa 1973-1977. Rich, you would have loved the KROQ "Wall of Flesh", where au natural listener photos were prominently displayed on the studio walls to inspire the hard-working djs! This was, in my humble opinion, no holds barred free-form rock radio at its best, and, with the exception of Frazer Smith's morning show on KLOS, nothing since then has even come close.

  8. Couldn't agree more about the KSFO morning show. They sound idiotic, not only the weird noises you mentioned, but also Brian often repeat a word or sentence, and then Katie repeats word or sentences as well. Do they think we are hard of hearing or have problems understanding the meaning of what they are trying to say. Of course often their position is so outlandish that, at least I, have understanding what they are trying to convey.

  9. Go Titans! It also snowed when I was there, there's a picture in our yearbook.

    -Class of '74

  10. .... I miss Christine Craft.

  11. Never had any use for Sussman as a phony of a weatherman and when I discovered he had migrated over to hate radio, it came as no surprise. Sometimes you can absolutely judge a book by its cover.