Saturday, November 4, 2017

Damon Bruce Loses His Edge; SFist Gets Shut Down By Asshole Joe Ricketts; Saturday Morning Coffee 415 Media

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*I too think Damon Bruce (3-7 PM 95.7 The Game) has become stale; having listened to Bruce since he came here over a decade ago I've simultaneously both heaped praise on him and ripped him. He's at best, hot and cold. I think he's settled into a comfort mold and doesn't do as much homework. Maybe it's because he got married and is thinking about kids; whatever the case, he's lost his edge.

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Damon Bruce
Frequent pregnant pauses; abrupt disconnect with callers; a tendency to tell everyone "I'm right and you're wrong"; hey Damon, you need to get back to your creative roots and get rid of your smug and arrogance. That's not a good symmetry --it sounds like you're a bully and not an entertaining one at that. Take some time and become a little more humble again and quit pretending you invented sliced bread. Otherwise you'll be just another radio hack with a vendetta and end up driving Uber cars and doing late-night again on The Bleeder.

Image result for sfist logo*SFist, the on-line SF-centro news site is no more; it was zapped from the Internet by an asshole named Joe Ricketts, (who owns the Chicago Cubs and founded TD Ameritrade) gave SFist and its other satellite sites the heave-ho, coincidently after its members voted to unionize.

SFist was a decent location for quirky news and information that the Chronicle ignored or either offered diminished returns.

It was never my go-to destination because it relied on too many restaurant reviews and an abundance of colorful pictures; in other words, it was no Bay Guardian retro where some good, detailed, investigative journalism may have found some mojo.

Then again, when a greed owner, who is a Trump backer and detests unions, it's awfully hard to make it, let alone as long as SFist did. 


  1. "Then again, when a greed owner, who is a Trump backer and detests unions"

    Yawn. Oh wait, biting journalism! Or something. I guess.

  2. Bruce has always acted like he was down from the Burning Bush. Why do you think Radnich couldn't work with him?

  3. I personally liked this news about SFist when I heard it, although I had never heard of SFist. It is the unions that are the problem in this country today. Look at GM, it would have gone bankrupt because of the insanely rich union contracts it kept renewing, if the government had not stepped in. Look at Alameda; on the front page of Friday's Alameda Journal newspaper, the headline talks about how the Alameda Unified School District, is going to have to severely cut back, because there is a shortfall of millions of dollars, because of pensions, which were of course, extremely rich because of unions. The same thing is happening in CA with CALPERS, as again, the public employees unions have demanded and received, rich union contracts and now, CALPERS is also in a deficit situation. Why? Hey you know the answer already, it is the Unions. So, I have to applaud the owner of SFist, for doing what he had told his employees he was going to do if they unionized, and that was, that he would shut down the company. Good for him.

    1. Stupid and ignorant comments above. You have no clue as to the history and benefits the labor movement has had on this country. It's improved the lives of millions of workers, including you.

    2. As union membership falls in America, so have the American wage. You're a moron. Yet the rich have consistently become richer, and the poor more poor. Are you going to argue that unions are the reason Cumulus sucks, or is it awful management, no creativity, unhappy employees, and declining wages?

      Read a book.

  4. Bruce is lazy, redundant and whinny. Yea we get it you don't like Levi Stadium but to tell us this over and over again is sickening.I don't like KNBR either. Just the morning show of the game.

  5. 12:19 PM... Everything has aa place... Unions.. I have been in two of them, but worked my life mostly with being in one... let's see.. who do you thank for weekends off... who do you thank for the 40 hour work week.. who do you thank for fighting child labor across the country... Unions... now, that being said not all things are all good.. or all bad and so... you might want to offer a bit of balance...

  6. Bruce, Fortenbaugh, and Urban are poseurs; impossible to listen to. It's my understanding that Tolbert routinely crushes Bruce in the ratings.

  7. Could Bruce's pauses be a result of his stroke?

  8. America has benefitted so much from Unions and all they have done for the working men and women. A previous post already pointed out weekends off, the 40 hour work week etc... Yet, today, union membership has decreased. And, has membership has decreased, more and more wealth ends up in the top 1%-10% of Americans. Bravo to all those who condemn unions and urge their demise. But, did those of you wishing ill to unions ever realize that you're being "played" to, just like the rest of us? It's all cool, keep voting for the Trumps of this land. I get it, it feels good to think you've done everything on your own. Just keep an eye on your bank account and the rising riches of the 1%-10%. God bless you regardless.

  9. ray woodson was on the other night and it was like a breath of fresh air, not that he's the greatest either, but at least he dosent talk about his personal life all the time like urban and townsend do.

  10. Bruce has been stuck in neutral for years. He never has fulfilled promise. He is miscast here. He boasts of having no personal rooting interest in the local teams as if that makes him all the more hard edged and open with his opinions.
    But that is precisely the problem. By having no local ties or history to this area and its teams, he has no passion the way his listeners have passion for our local franchises.
    When one grows up in an area, the way Barbieri and Krueger did here, for example, you have a stake in wanting, demanding, the local teams do better. The hosts who have that level of passion and history of years of living and dying with local teams are extensions of us, the local fan. They are passionate advocates for "our" local sports teams. Without that history, love even, you're just another shrill, meaningless voice out of Indiana. Or Utah. Or Anaheim. Or Alabama.