Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Ashley-Sze Team on KGO-TV Seems to be Clicking; Sze Rises as Top Anchor with Lengthy Hours on North Bay Fire Storm

Image result for Dan Ashley Kristin Sze KGO anchors Sometimes the unexpected happens and that tons of money stations spend on consultants is a BIG waste.

While Ama Daetz has been on maternity leave, KGO teamed Kristen Sze with lead anchor, Dan Ashley.

They've both clicked.

I've never really been a big Sze fan. Neither has this guy, but I've warmed to her solid work this week during the Napa/Santa Rosa firestorm --a signature event, albeit horrific, in Bay Area history. And the news is getting worse.

Sze seems to work well with Ashley and it shows on KGO's news platforms. In a time when both have been on the air for numerous hours chronicling the awful situation taking place in the North Bay and beyond, it can fray one's nerves--it's not as easy as it looks especially when delivering news when the storyline is as fluid as it is up there on the fire line.

Ashley is as good as ever; he could work with anyone but Sze has seized the moment and could conceivably be awarded a possible prime spot with her work performance this week.

She's been straightforward and cool. No inane questions. No gimmicky, forced laughter or chit-chat. A very concise, tight, and professional look and demeanor --not that I'm implying Ms. Sze was anything of the latter but I never took her seriously for some reason and I couldn't quite place it.

She deserves props now and credit for a nice job and Circle7 has to be thrilled.


  1. Kinda reminds of the old classic KTVU news before it got foxed.

    1. KTVU wasn't classic KTVU even before it got Foxed. It had sucked for the previous ten years.

  2. The tall blonde KPIX 5 field reporter did an outstanding job in a tough situation. A real professional job.

  3. I've always been a big Kristen Sze fan! I'm happy she is getting her due. To think they replaced her with their current morning zoo.

  4. Kristen Sze performance A+. She is one of the those who captures my attention each and every time, a pleasure to watch!

  5. Dan Ashley has that "it" factor about himself. He has a way of taking those around him to take their game to another level. Zse in fairness her has been solid this past week. When she no longer working with Dan, she'll return to her own goofy self. This is why she hasn't been given prime time. Rich, hit it on the head with his analyst of her.

  6. She is a good morning reporter with a sense of humor, better than Natasha. It just Kristen tries to steal the show on the evening news away from Dan Ashley. With respect, Cheryl Jennings should get some air-time back, KGO funny management got rid of her on camera schedule possibly due to her age and high pay salary.

  7. There's really no other news team to watch in this market, if you have to watch one of the local dribblers. Ashley is as solid as it comes. Sze has done well, but Ama Daetz is missed. ABC7 doesn't have the BS that Fox2 has and they've got the resources which help the reporting. Solid work all around. Pero should be taking notes, but he's busy buying Wonder Bras for Darya. KPIX is busy reviewing audition videos from Honolulu-based anchors trying to find that special someone.

  8. I'm a big fan of Kristen Sze. Shes smart and does a solid job at whatever she is handed. Mr. Ashley is a powerhouse! Calm and smooth. He's as good as it gets.

  9. I really like both newscasters for KGO. However, I ALWAYS turn the channel when a certain weatherman comes on. He grinds on my nerves so much that I often don't even watch Channel 7 because he might be on. Weathermen and women of other channels are so much better. He'd be better as a weatherman in Yuba City, not San Francisco.