Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Firestorm Coverage; KCBS' Schaub and KGO-TV's Melendez Standout Work; KGO Radio Should Be Ashamed

Image result for SF Bay Area News Media logos NO, APRIL IS NOT THE CRUELEST MONTH, October least in the Bay Area. Earthquake World Series, October, 1989. Oakland Hills Firestorm, October, '91. And this month and year, October 2017, the Sonoma/Napa/Santa Rosa fires that have wiped out neighborhoods, taken at least 17 lives and forever cast a dark shadow on its communities.

Image result for napa fireIt's a particularly tough story to cover too; the TV News reporter having to ask questions that may seem insensitive and often are; the mother of all catch 22's and then some.

I didn't see all the coverage but I was able to glance at the majority of the stations work and everyone pretty much came up with solid efforts, some far more committed and dedicated than others but still gallant performance for the most part.

Image result for jeffrey schaub reporter
Jeffrey Schaub/KCBS 

Image result for lyanne melendez
Lyanne Melendez/KGO-TV
I saw a very compelling live shot by Lyanne Melendez of KGO-TV (ABC7) as she stood doing her standup as a huge flame stood out in the background. I heard some incredible radio reports by KCBS North Bay correspondent, Jeffrey Schaub, who not only set the scene but was right smack in it. Schaub's reports were up front, concise, and loaded with important info to boot. Case in point, his Wednesday morning live phoner that the wind was already picking up and forcing the evacuation of residents near Geyserville.

Image result for kgo radio images*As I pointed out recently, KGO Radio would NOT be the radio station to go to if a big story, (like the fires in Napa/Santa Rosa) were to break out on the weekend. KGO is out of the news business. Not only are they incapable of covering a disaster like Napa, they don't even have a plan! I've heard from several sources that a few of KGO's weekend talent had told station management that in the event of a big earthquake, a natural disaster, a fire like the one in the North Bay (and others) that that talent would be available to come in and man the story. Nobody from management gave a damn as they IGNORED the directive.
If this doesn't prove that KGO doesn't give a damn about Bay Area news coverage than I don't know what does. While KCBS was wall to wall on the disaster in the North Bay during morning commute, KGO's morning Branson hillbillies were chortling about absolutely nothing.


Not me.



  2. Lyanne gets things done. She really throws herself into the work more then most. If not all.

  3. SO,I look up that photo. Its from 1924,and there is a mention of Ann Holden a star of the day who was a good looking I go to look HER up..and nothing. But! a photo of Karel came right up.
    Whatever happened to that guy?
    That's what Google..and Wiki does to me.

  4. Would love to hear Rich's take on the new KNBR tonight evening guy Drew Hoffar discussing his favorite porn stars, which porn websites he spends his time on, and the Bunny Ranch prostitutes he seems to favor or frequent 2 nights ago during the hand over to Ryan Covay for the 10pm-1am show. Ryan seemed to disclose his time with the ladies as well. The discussion seemed to go on far too long and was in too much detail for local radio.

    Seemed completely inappropriate for on air hosts to be discussing especially around the 9:45-10pm hour when quite a few children might still be listening. No local backlash?

  5. what is it about night time radio here? not only Hoffar and Covay, but even Chris Townsend, who I usually like, has done this stupid game where people have to guess if a name is a gay male porn star or like a steakhouse. I guess anything goes at night

  6. I live in Santa Rosa and KSRO (AM 1350) here in Santa Rosa has been outstanding. They have a small news department, but they have gone wall-to-walk with their coverage and have access to a lot of police and fire officials, shelter providers and city council/board of supervisors members.

    1. Yes! KSRO has been a constant source for information and support! kudos to 1350!

  7. KGO had awesome coverage of the 1989 Earthquake and the Oakland Hills fire. Not now. Have to hear about the latest vegan cookbook on Ethan's show, and an interview with who's at the Punchline this weekend on Copie's show. As riveting as an Applebee's in Modesto.