Monday, July 10, 2017

MSNBC Seeks KNTV's Wang; Reiss and CNN Play Footsie; KRON Beefs Up Sports Which is Great Since Raddy Gave Up; The 'Big Ladies Man' at KPIX; Lightweight Steve Aveson at KRON

Image result for janelle wang NBC SWEET NOTHING ...Janelle Wang is being sought after (quietly) by MSNBC ...for reasons I don't know only because I view Wang as a severe lightweight only on the TV News Desk for her, uh, appeal. She's not tremendously insightful and could very well be a courtesy clerk manager at Nordstrom

NBC thinks otherwise--the cable outlet has offered Wang somewhere north of $1.4M over three years. Bad News? She has to go to New Jersey. (Manhattan) My best guess: KNTV (NBC Bay Area) here gives her more moolah but who the heck knows.

Image result for Scott ReissMeanwhile, I told you not too long ago that CNN was interested in KTVU's sports guy, Scott Reiss. (CNN is looking to get slightly back in the sporting life) only both sides have cooled. Reiss, from Insiders, is supposedly content at FOX2 but he could be a lot more personable and then have friends there in Jack London Square.

*KRON is actively seeking another sports reporter to "beef up" (says a KRONvict) its sports coverage which is probably good since the guy who's been there over 30 years gave up on sports long ago to tend to his second wife and kiss up to old rap stars.

Related image*BIG LADIES' MAN: At KPIX they have no direction, no ratings, no supervision ...but they do possess a certified LADIES' MAN: none other than veteran reporter, Joe Vazquez ...who supposedly LOVES to mix it up with "the broads in the newsroom." Hey Joe, just stay away from Roby unless you have a vat full of margaritas --BA DA BING!

ANOTHER LIGHTWEIGHT: I'm more and more annoyed at KRON stuffy face and overblown nudnick, Steve Aveson, the evening anchor who looks like the nearby dentist in Cow Hollow.

Related imageAveson comes off as stiff and awkward --kind of like my women.

Stevie, do me a favor: open up, relax, have some wine and keep ragging on Raddy. I'll extend the honeymoon and pretend I'm having a dream about KRON, circa 1999.

*SHOP TALK at the 415: A BIG person at a BIG station was spotted at Tadich and the subject wasn't the sand dabs. Try this: the bigwig was putting the close on the individual who retired long ago. She still wants to anchor every now and then only she's in her late 60's and thinks she's Diane Sawyer. Anyway, the boss is interested but not at the price she wants...WEATHER women at KGO (ABC7) are irritated as all hell with the "you wear high heels on your shift" but hey, they still have to eat...speaking of KGO, morning yenta, Natasha Zouves, has mysteriously been leaving her job well before noon: the reason: an unknown medical ailment. I'm not a Natasha fan but I hope her medical deal is minor.


  1. Suzanne Shaw? She'd be a damn side better than most of the morons on the air now. And that's just by showing up. Leslie Griffith? Same thing. Pretty bad when grande dames who've hung up the microphone could be considered better than the dreck currently hogging the screen.

  2. It's interesting that CNN may want to return to sports between their own Hairpiece scandal and the possibility that the contract extended Anderson Cooper may have second thoughts after witnessing too many messes within the network. If Cooper's contract has a loophole where he can bolt to the now open CBS News Anchor seat, don't be surprised if he takes it if the opportunity presents itself. Otherwise, CBS nationally will go in house. Of course, NY, LA, DC, Chicago are not CBS' biggest affiliate worries. Look no further than 855 Battery. As long as uncertainty reigns, bad moments like the VPD mess and Vasquez' ladies man notes will continue to be on blogs like Rich's, not to mention that Rosenheim is still there, and no decision on his fate has been made.

    BTW, might Griffith be the one who thinks she's Sawyer? Yeesh!

  3. " ... he could be a lot more personable ..." Strange to hear that coming from you of all people.

  4. Joe Vazquez is KPIX's resident "ladies' man"? That alone tells you what a F&@#ed-up place that station must be.

  5. He NEVER rags on Radnich. What he was when he started has now faded and he's part of the cult 100%.