Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Breaking: Heather Ishimaru Suit Against KGO-TV Scheduled For Settlement Conference in August

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FLASH! Settlement conference in ex-KGO Reporter, Heather Ishimaru case versus KGO-TV

*Settlement conference scheduled for August 18th in SF Superior Court --Ishimaru suffered a stroke back in January, 2014. Days earlier she was about to sue KGO for hostile work environment.

As I said not so long ago Disney might not be feeling so swell in this case.


  1. Good. Now we need: No more Bentleys at KRON (oh that's right, KRONvicts have more than that as hell); no more Rosenheim at PIX (turn the air at the station from stale to fresh, whatever it takes except keep the good ones like Goodrich, Deanno, Ayers, etc); no more Trixie at KGO-TV (best local station for news, but how long before someone well respected cracks, maybe explodes?); let Wang leave San Jose for New York if that's best for both sides; and finally, bring back Sidner to KTVU (we may be surprised, and both sides make it work).

  2. Settlement Conference is just an attempt to get both sides to agree to find a diplomatic way to avoid trial. If one side asks too much they could still go to trial. Most likely scenario KGO will agree to a confidential payment and issue standard BS statement that says we don't admit guilt but want to end the matter to avoid trauma for Heather and we wish her well etc. Hope the settlement includes KGO paying her legal fees Disney probably fears jury would be sympathetic to her and award huge settlement.
    Would be bad publicity for KGO if she gets on witness stand tells her story and also forces management people to testify under oath.

  3. Disney has a few other medical cases going to the courts soon...so this one might just have to set the tone.

    A WABC TV reporter died recently of a stroke...

    Disney won't cave easy on Ishumara because of the other pending cases.

    Either way,
    We will never know what the settlement will be unless it finishes in a trial.

  4. She left in 2013 or 14. Is there no statue of limitations on being able to sue your employer? Does she have a case, or just an ax to grind because they did not hold her job for her until she recovered from the stroke?

    1. 10:38
      She immediately filed a lawsuit. It's Disney who's kept this thing dragging on over the next couple of years.

    2. Read up on the case. You're an idiot.

    3. If Disney were worried then Frau Watkowski wouldn't still be in charge. They love her. And they have better lawyers than Heather can afford. I know more than one lawyer who won't take the case if Disney's on the other end. KPIX has nothing to worry about, and neither does Trixie.

  5. I believe there is a one or two year limit to file a suit but once you file it can take a couple of years before it can actually go to trial due to civil court backlog. After the suit is filed there are a lot of pre trial motions to be filed including discovery of evidence that each side has to share with the other and deposition of witnesses. It's not done overnight like a TV courtroom drama. Some cases will actually be resolved at the last minute while they are picking a jury

  6. Tracy is horrible and evil...no one can stand her in the newsroom. There's many others that should sue for her nastiness and wrong doings. She also has an evil sidekick asst. news director Stephanie Linton that also is diskliked. They don't like women or treat them well.