Thursday, June 22, 2017

KGO-TV First News Outlet to Break Into Schedule To Cover Worsening Vallejo Grass Fire; KNTV Follows; KRON, KTVU, PIX Stick With Regular Programming

Grass fire causes several lanes of eastbound I-80 to close in Vallejo near toll plaza

KUDOS to KGO-TV (ABC7) for breaking into regularly scheduled programming to cover the worsening Vallejo grass fire along Hwy 80. The only Bay Area TV News outlet to do so. Solid news judgement.

Until 2 PM PT when KNTV (NBC Bay Area) broke into its schedule to provide coverage.)

KGO went back to "General Hospital" ...the Bay Area "News Station" --KRON was broadcasting "The Doctors." 

KPIX stayed with "Family Feud." 

Surprisingly, KTVU was absent and stuck with "Harry."

Looks as if the fire in Vallejo is becoming more of this posting, it's now a four-alarm fire and is threatening homes.

*415 Media Midday 


  1. I don't give a crap about daytime TV, but personally don't give a shit about this news which is not critical for entire Bay Area to be aware of. I would be upset if something I was interested was interrupted for an event with such a limited impact to a small area. Kudos to KPIX and KTVU.

  2. Speaking of KPIX, did you notice the Disney Gurl in the 4pm-ish promo? She had her hair tied back in a bun, and I must admit she looked like a grownup. Unfortunately, she still mispronounces local names. E.g., yesterday she told us about an accident/shooting/gangbang in San Jose on Mckee Rd., which she called Mickey Rd. True, I wouldn't lie to you. You can take the gurl out of Anaheim, but ... (And today, va-lay-ho?)

  3. are all the women at channel 7
    pregnant (except the tze tze)?
    hope they all don't go into
    labor at the same time, there
    goes half of the work force