Monday, June 26, 2017

415 Media Exclu: ABC Courts KGO-TV's Rising Star Jessica Castro

Image result for jessica castro kgo  ABC NEWS is heavily courting KGO-TV Morning "Live Desk" anchor/personality, Jessica Castro, 415 Media has learned.

Any why not?

Castro is a rising star. Her news acumen is stellar. Her screen presence is profound. Furthermore, in an industry that almost begs resentment and jealousy, Castro has avoided both. She's almost universally liked and respected in the newsroom.

ABC News execs are planning a "massive offer" --a 415 Media broadcast source says the alphabet network would like for Castro to anchor from its LA news studio.

So far, no formal offer is on the table but a package is being formalized and the ABC7 star could be looking at a presentation any day now. That doesn't mean Castro could bolt; she loves the Bay Area and has settled in to a nice situation at 900 Front, say close friends.

We'll be watching and waiting.


  1. Van Amburg Jr in JocktownJune 26, 2017 at 4:47 PM

    Asked for a response at La Taqueria in Napa, Reggie Aqui, wearing his 49ers hat, said "Slappin The Ham!!"

  2. Ms. Castro has that "it" factor. I've been saying that since Rich started writing about her, The problem is that her talents are being wasted. I say, drop Zse and plug Jessica in her spot, Her talent is being wasted working in the am with Donnie and Marie.

  3. she may like the bay area but she seems to go Home to LA every weekend!

  4. LA is a bigger market for Jessica and it is already a big waste placing her during the morning newscast with limited viewers vs evening news with more viewers.

  5. She'd jump at a chance to be in LA, without blinking an eye. She is in SoCal at every moment possible.

  6. yeah ,her ''news acumen'' is the main attraction, yeah right...

  7. One word that may lead to LA - Trixie

  8. Castro bumbles and fumbles at every opportunity. She lacks personality and is nothing more than a worse version of Allie@KTVU

    You obviously have an agenda and it has nothing to do with her professional talent