Friday, May 5, 2017

KGO Morning Show Mildew Almost As Hideous as KPIX AM Meltdown; Weather Chicks at Circle7 Have To Wear Heels; Yeah, There's Lots of New Reporters at KTVU; Friday 415 Cinco de Mayo

Image result for ABC7 KGO Morning Show  WE'VE ALREADY TOLD YOU about the problems facing the KPIX Morning Show; despite some tweaking and anchor maneuvering, the CBS O and O here has shown weak response all the more evident during the May Sweeps. Nothing has changed at Channel 5 in spite of yet another Hawaii anchor  (Kenny Choi)--who hasn't warmed to the market with his antiseptic style and innocuous personality.

Image result for kpix morning showIt could be worse at PIX.

They could cross the street over at 900 Front and witness the local Disney carnage afflicting KGO (ABC7) abysmal morning monstrosity featuring the horrific Reggie Aqui and equally absurd Natasha Nouves -- the gruesome twosome known derisively as "Donnie and Marie." KGO's AM Titanic festival is dead last in the ratings and suffering mightily behind its horrid attempt at attracting viewers despite a great lead-in combo effect from its network winner, "Good Morning America."

"No chemistry, lots of foolishness" says a veteran staffer at KGO. Compounding matters is the show's goofball entity with Aqui the ring-leader and Zouves, his silly accomplice. KGO has doubled down with its Morning Twister Sister act airing a slew of promos of the double disaster duo --apparently management is going all out in its belief that Donnie and Marie will win over morning viewers disgusted with KPIX and holdovers from consistent #1, KTVU.

Dream on.

Image result for Lisa Argen KGO high heels*The weather women forecasters at KGO were told (ordered really) to always wear high heels while doing their shift. So if you have hi-def and larger than average screens you can see Lisa Argent in stilettos which might be great for the horny guys in Union City but dreadful for the weather women. "They're killing our feet!" offered one of the players.

*Yes, loads and loads of new reporters at KTVU which under normal circumstances would be good news but in reality much of its old guard correspondents have left the FOX henhouse ---in spite of its nominal inner turmoil KTVU is still #1 and killing the competition in most time slots ...just in time for May Sweeps.

Image result for Foodie Chap*415 Media Cinco de Mayo:

KPIX Worst Cinco Allen Martin, Julie Watts, Roberta Gonzales, Da Lin, Foodie Chap

KRON Worst Cinco: Gary Radnich, Darya Folson, J.R. Stone, Will Tran, Aaron Pero. Image result for darya folsom kron 4


  1. Sinko de Sweeps. This is rotten-er than year old mayo.

  2. Sandhya Patel had a fine pair of super girly pink heels on yesterday. As I observed for the good of mankind.
    I tell ya,KRON has to get rough on weather goddess Britteny Shipp. Tennis shoes with skirt and blouse isn't right.

  3. Martha in PenngroveMay 5, 2017 at 1:35 PM

    If Darya needs extra money, my backyard is in dire need of pickup of Buster's doo-doo. I have plenty of trash bags and will pay good money.

  4. Drunk Mexican day. Oh what fun. Pass on celebrating.

  5. Never underestimate the power of the red fuck me pumps

    1. F-M shoes( thank you Shelley Winters) are very sexy. Wear them in bed. Don't walk in them, unless you want prolapsed uterus, bunions, and numb feet. To force only women on the air to wear them, and not the men is actionable sex discrimination.

    2. F-me sandals with heels. Meredith Vieira was made for them on the View. Those were the days...

  6. Not impressed with the KPIX New Traffic Reporter, but is much better than Roqui

  7. I saw Lisa Argen in heels and tight dresses recently and I think it is an improvement. Same with Rosemary Orozco! But, it is still not on par with SoCal weather readers. I happen to really like Ginger Zee or Indra Peterson so doing the weather!

  8. I have my favorite morning show...
    "Good Morning Natasha"....

    All Natasha...All Morning...

  9. "All Natasha...All Morning..."

    Diet tips at noon.

  10. Sandhya Patel is so hot. She's the definition of a MILF!

  11. Heard the traffic reporter on KNBR crack a joke after reporting about sinkholes ...... "sinkhole de mayo "