Friday, May 19, 2017

Keep an Eye Out

Image result for weird people KEEP AN EYE OUT

*On just how extra boring KGO's oatmeal-breath, evening bore, Chip Franklin, can sound.

Franklin was subbing for the Branson boobs, aka: Armstrong and Getty, Friday morning. The nauseating meter was off the chart for good old-fashioned mumble-man Chipster.

Image result for Black Southwest Airline Stewardess in commercial that sings*For that beautiful, sexy Southwest Airlines stewardess that has hijacked Comcast ads during Giants' games. I mean, yeah, she's hot, but I'm not sure I want to see her transformative singing every two minutes. On the other hand, she beats looking at the Giants every now and then.

Image result for dennis prager*On that far right radio host, Dennis Prager, (9-Noon, 860 AM 'The Answer') who in spite of politics I mostly disagree with, nonetheless makes for interesting radio. Yeah, he's entertaining and informative--very listenable as opposed to "Mr. Softee" to the left of the dial.

*Keep an eye out for Ronnnn's simpleton act which gets more simple by the day. There was a time when Owens was halfway decent and worth ten minutes. Now he sounds like some mumbling grunt from Dayton. Quick, make some coffee.

Image result for the happy hour csn*Keep an eye out on just how boorish Greg Papa acts on NBC Bay Area's insufferable, "The Happy Hour." It's bad enough that the show lacks chemistry and direction; worse, count the number of times Papa TALKS OVER the female host, Kelli Johnson, and makes her look foolish. Of course, Papa looks worse. Upside: less Ray Ratto.

Image result for nia malika henderson*On CNN political analyst, Nia Malika Henderson, who could talk about cryonics for twenty minutes and I'd still WATCH.

Image result for rebecca berg*So, too, Rebecca Berg.

Image result for chip franklin kgo*Sure, I can't stand Franklin but give a listen to him and you'll understand my angst. The guy doesn't talk so much as mutters every minute. God, how terrible, how amateur --wait a minute, it's KGO, nobody cares.

Image result for kpix sports anchors O'Donnell and Glenn*Keep an eye out on KPIX's sports team where word on the street is that they might be 86ed --imagine, newscast without sports. They're doing it in Denver-- it's not so radical.


  1. Cool. I did not know Dennis was on. Will check him out as Ronnnnnnnnnnn's show has completely turned to shit.

  2. Years ago I recall some stations tried getting rid of their sports reports, the excuse being that if viewers wanted sports news, they'd watch ESPN. That didn't last too long.

  3. HATE those SoWest commercials, especially the frequency.
    The gal looks like one of Prince's old bass players

  4. Can't say I agree with your assessment of Dennis Prager, he is fairly deep and poses at times some interesting question, about philosophy, but his constant blaming the liberals for everything, bashing our education system is very tiresome for someone who is more in the middle like myself. However, 860 does have some decent hosts, I much prefer Michael Medved to Prager, and if you are up early Hugh Hewitt is not bad, although it sounds like he has a lot of guests, which Rich accused Ronn of having. I don't listen much to Hewitt, I'm usual not awake at that hour. Michael Medved is on at noon, thus opposite of Bearman, Savage and Tom Sullivan on 1530 am Sacramento, so at that hour there is a decent choice, Bearman is pretty much last on my list. Dennis comes on 9 a.m. and is opposite of Rush, and A&G, then at 10 Ronn comes on, I will usually listen to Ronn over Dennis, unless it is a subject I don't care about.

    1. I am wary of the motives of a man who has been, for years and with gleeful smugness, pushing the divisive concept that our country is in its Second Civil War. Is Prager being provocative, prophetic, or pernicious?!

  5. no sports is not new... was done on newscasts, usually the 5 pm back in the 80's...

  6. Franklin had promise before he was coupled or tripled with the chattering sidekicks, and before he did endless interviews with unfunny comics. Just because one calls oneself a "comedian" doesn't make it so.