Friday, April 14, 2017

Time Out On KRON; Ishimaru/KGO Reality Bite; Greg Papa Never Looks at Kelli Johnson on 'Happy Hour'; Ray Ratto and Dave Feldman are Utterly Boring; Hey, I Met The One Guy Who Listens To The 'Shower Hour'; Butcher Boy More Compelling Than AM Morning 'Dudes' on Knibber; Ronn Owens' 'Sloppy Seconds'; Friday 415 Media Deli

Related image  TIME OUT on KRON --let's wait until the real dust settles --eventually it will--and then make a rational thought as to its future. We know its a lot more valued even if its content is a cross between melba toast and a year-old can of tuna fish.

*I'm not a lawyer; I know about the Disney history of success in bottling up little inconveniences like Heather Ishimaru-type issues but I'll bet anyone a turkey sandwich at Grumpy's that the KGO reporter will receive justice in some form or another; financially and otherwise; not that any of that matters in a woman who is still suffering mightily these days. How the creature at 900 Front can still be employed is either proof positive she has something on the company or her lack of people skills is quietly applauded by her boss. By the way, he too has no clue as to how to run a TV station. Good grief. This is what we're reduced to.

*Hey Trixie: seriously, you detested by, I'd say, 90% of the circle7 staff; that's a raw estimate. Your supporters consist of a few interns, the janitor and the bar at Grumpy's.

*Oh, Trix? Wayne Freedman doesn't count. He was on, off, on and now, who the hell knows. Wait a minute. Who cares.

*Greg Papa doesn't ever really look at Kelli Johnson on the Comcast dog-dodo known as "The Happy Hour."  If you can stomach it, watch. Papa also routinely talks over Johnson, not that she ever says anything worth hearing mind you but it doesn't look good on a show that doesn't look good but Pop's misogyny is glaring and ugly.

*Hey Comcast NBC this -whatever-the-hell your name is today, could you have spent more than the ten bucks it cost for that stupidly short fakacta thing you call a bar. If you were smart, you could have called KRON and picked up one of their furniture trade-outs gratis.

*"The Happy Hour?" Really now. Yeah, the happy hour at the Marriott Salt Lake City would be more like it.

Image result for dave feldman sportscaster
Fareed and Feldy
*Enough about Ray Ratto's weight. It's a non-issue. I'm a little zaftig too. Let me give you the shit on Ray; he's simply not interesting anymore. He acts as if he's got an eternal stick up his ass and he doesn't say anything --he lectures. It's painful and pedantic, tedious really. He and Papa should lighten up and quit pretending they're God's gift to the world. Nobody would watch this crap if it weren't lapped together with the Warriors and Giants --that's a fact.

*It could be worse: you could picked up by kidnappers and forced to watch "Feldy and Fareed."

*Dave Feldman: couldn't cut it in the men's shoe department at Ross so Comcast is a natural hire. Feldman is about as genuine as a Fremont Arby's.

*Let's put it this way: Feldman makes Damon Bruce look like Dick Schaap.

*DO THIS KNBR (but they won't) Hire the guy that calls in from the city known as "Butcher Boy" who rants hysterically and funny about the Giants and is one entertaining caller. He has pretty good shtick and he makes YOU LAUGH. You DO NOT LAUGH at the miscreants on the "Morning Show" who has a guy with a fake Jersey accent who thinks people get a kick out of his moronic song parodies. He's a no-talent fraud that sucked enough Tony Salvatore that he got a gig with the Marin-UCLA asshole who couldn't spin an interesting tale if his life depended on it. "Yeah, yeah, yeah." Go shine Larry Baer's hush puppies, dude!

Image result for greg papa
Greg Papa
*Greg Papa 2: Greg, you're big here and relatively worthy but your arrogance isn't sitting well with the public and internal staff at Comcast. Get off your high horse, Pop, and pretend you're auditioning for an infomercial at KRON.

*Hey, I was talking to some waspy truck driver outside a Hayward mini-mart; the guy had sideburns and a motorcycle tattoo on his neck no less: Hey, I just found the one guy that listens to "The Shower Hour!" --Dude!

*Yeah, I got your mail and everything is OK now: George Noory's "Coast-to-Coast" debuts this Monday (1-5 AM Tuesday, technically) on KGO Radio --Noory got the schedule wrong but it's corrected now and Big Foot is happy.

*KTVU's extended "10 O'clock News" debuts Monday from 10 to 11: 30 --just in time for Sweeps and sending chills up  the spine of KPIX and KNTV.

*Then again the new News Director (who used to be the assistant ND) has a shitload of more work with less staff which always works well, right? Uh, sure.

*The Chinese doctor that was dragged down the aisle of the United plane --I knew it would be radio talk-show orgasm central but at KGO since they don't know how to talk about REAL news, the United fiasco was a savior for idiots like Chip Franklin and Ronn Owens who MILKED it to death--SOP for both.

Image result for My Pillow*Chip was so consumed with the United deal he accidently used his MyPillow pillow as a whoopee cushion.

*That MyPillow owner has more baggage than the Southwest terminal at SFO.

Image result for Tara Fields
Dr. Tara Fields
*Ronn Owens' sloppy seconds: Dr. Tara Fields.

*I'm not an angry man. I just don't have patience. And all of you drive me nuts minus the few who actually know what I'm talking about and why I'm so gosh-darn bitter.

But deep down in the bitterness lays a man deep and sensitive; full of love and sanguine symmetry --another words I could be a future foodie chap and coach anyone of Ryan Scott's bitches.

*Hey, I'm having Korean food on Saturday night just in time for ...

No, please now.

*Mike Nicco: more cologne.

*Mickey Luckoff and Jim Gabbert: El Cheapo Guapo meets El Cheapo Dog-O.


  1. James and Frances Lanthier in PetalumaApril 14, 2017 at 11:39 AM

    I miss Charley and Humphrey, especially the episode where Charley called Humphrey a lazy fuck.

  2. Hey Rich... why don't you explain this spectrum sell in a few bullet points for us ? Is this just KRON and KOFY keep their .1 stations on the air but sold their .2 and .3 stations to wireless companies ? Thanks

  3. I just knew that Tara Fields was who Ronn was cheating with. Thanks Rich, I'll get your quote to go virile. Don't worry, I'll attribute it to you!! Great work Rich.

  4. Ditto on the spectrum scam. I thought they were public airwaves borrowed by the stations. In the North Bay the public KRCB-22 got $72 million for theirs. What's up with that ?

  5. The only thing Chip Franklin is better then is a seventy two hour bout of severe acid reflux .... but not by much !!
    Hey, im being polite here,you should see what I'm thinking.

  6. Hey, at least Tara Fields is a babe. Ronnnnnnnnnnn, ehh, not so much...

  7. Just found your web site and your criticism are right on. Maybe you could critique Bob Fitzgerald. There is nobody worse in the bay area. NOBODY. CAN YOU TELL ME HOW THIS GUY KEEPS HIS JOB?

  8. Dang Rich! You be on FIRE. These are my favorite blog's.Kickin' ass and taking no names.

  9. Every time I think it's just me that can't stomach Murph & Mac (especially Mac) you come up with a post that completely validates my feelings on the guy. Listening to him on the Kruk & Kuip segment when Brian Murphy is not there is EXCRUCIATING. He proceeds to say either Kruk or Kuip before, after and during each question/comment...I counted over 20 Kruks the other day (yes, I know I'm obsessing a bit). Replace him with Kevin Frandsen. At least you'd get one legitimate jock on the Dude show.

  10. Man, I sure wish they could have cloned Wayne Walker. Best sportscaster I ever heard, doing color, PBP or straight-up 'cast. Probably second only to Vin Scully.

  11. Oh, man, Ronnnnnn CHEATING with Dr. Tara? That is one painful visual...
    The viagra starts to work and the Ronnnnnn machine, fat, hairy and sweaty, kicks into gear. He starts grunting and Dr. Tara starts moaning like Monica Seles on a tennis court. Thanks for the visual...

  12. ditto anonymous. and Mac's music parodies are excruciating. he fails as lead host. he sounds as if he's trying too hard to be cool. I wish Murph would replace him, but that's his lapdog - safe and controllable. They're both vanilla.

    Bob Fitzgerald makes it hard watching Warriors games. His voice is so annoying, I can't even fall asleep to the nightly replay anymore. And for the love of GOD! Get a tailor that can fit your shirts, you jack*ss. Your head always looks like you're in the middle of a peanut allergy reaction, all read and swollen. I wanna reach through the TV screen and start you a trachiotomy. Try a bad sweater - I know you got those.

  13. 4:29, my thoughts exactly. Like pork sausage squeezed into it's casing. I thought these guys get a clothes allowance/sponsor. Come on Fitz, clean it up!

  14. I agree that Feldy and Fareed are kind of boring on Giants pre and postgame. NBC Sports Bay Area made a big mistake taking Greg Papa off Giants pre and postgame, even though they put him on the new Happy Hour show. I guess they felt they had to put Feldy and Fareed somewhere since SportsNet Central is gone. They just don't have the same rapport with the Giants analysts (Flannery, Aurilia, Randy Winn, etc) like Greg Papa did. It just feels something is missing with Giants pre and postgame now.

    With that being said, Matt Williams has been a good addition so far. He's another former player and coach whom I never would've guessed would get into sports broadcasting.

  15. Feldy and Fareed for Giants Post? Bad idea. Boring and goofy. Athletes or Sports Jocks are not going to relate to their style. Don't know who is calling the shots at CSN but the guy seems clueless on what the viewers want. Bring back Papa.