Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Mysterious Woman at Bay Area TV Station; Jaxon Van Derbeken's Juicy Strip Club Story on NBC Bay Area Got a Lot of Play Only Not on KNTV; Katie Marzullo's Lack of Presence on KGO-TV; VDLC Experiment Hasn't Worked at KPIX; Boring Steve Aveson at KRON; Thursday 415 Media Rundown

Image result for corporate woman silhouetteImage result for san francisco skyline 2016  TRY IMAGINING TO BECOME ONE OF YOUR STATION'S VIP'S ...from a local college staff intern that "nobody gave a damn about except every heterosexual guy in the office wanting to take her out and bang her later" to quite possibly the next key power broker for the station. Someone so off the chart, so elusive, even she doesn't know her future status. Except here.

Image result for jaxon van derbeken
Jaxon Van Derbeken
Which is to say, boys and girls too, be careful not to piss off the little people in the front answering the phone, checking the mail, and possibly later on, becoming your boss.

*Jaxon Van Derbeken had a juicy, informative, special report alleging SF strip clubs ripping off patrons --to the tune of several thousands of was the kind of nifty, spot-on reporting that should highlight KNTV (NBC Bay Area) "We Investigate" promos; indeed it got a lot of play from outside Bay Area media including a hit on Drudge Report. Yet the dweebs in San Jose didn't even mention it in their daily rundowns much to the chagrin of its key coordinators --until the last minute when the station put it on the website. Too late guys. If you're going to tout your reporters repertoire --and this was prime picking--then make sure you get the good stuff.

Image result for Henry Lee KTVU
Henry Lee
*By the way, if Van Derbeken sounds familiar he used to be a SF Chronicle reporter who migrated to TV, as did the Chronicle's Henry Lee, now a "Crime Reporter" at KTVU. Which, sadly, should tell you the state of newspapers these days.

*Katie Marzullo looks much better behind the anchor desk than she does out in the field for KGO-TV (ABC7) which is surprising given Marzullo's lack of presence when on air. Of course the politically correct thing would be to say that Marzullo is just fine and dandy but I'm telling you the truth.

Image result for Katie Marzullo
Katie Marzullo
Katie Marzullo could be a legitimate star but her wooden and frozen demeanor, at least on camera, doesn't come across well. She doesn't have to be warm and fuzzy but the angry persona isn't particularly inviting either.

This whole subject has always been perplexing.

*Which just goes to further explain that the TV News business, especially on the local level, has changed quite dramatically. In the old days, reporters out on the street had years and years of experience and got to know their beat and develop a bond; credibility really, with both themselves and viewers.

Nowadays, reporters, for the most part, are only slightly better than rank amateurs and just merely get by with the basics. They often don't even know their geographical territory and couldn't ad-lib their way out of a paper bag. It's actually quite gruesome and embarrassing but so goes the state of the business which is more depressing each and every day.

Veronica De La Cruz
*The higher-ups at KPIX won't admit that the Veronica De La Cruz experiment has been an abundant failure. As much as I sympathize with her family issues both before and after she arrived in the Bay Area in 2014, De La Cruz's national connections has not measured well for PIX in spite of numerous CBS-SF promotion. She's definitely quite adept at the social media functions of her job but that hasn't brought about more viewers which might help explain the growing rumors that she's mulling a trip back to the East Coast.

Image result for Steve Aveson KRON
Steve Aveson
Image result for tom sinkovitz
Tom Sinkovitz
*I have tried to warm up to Steve Aveson on KRON but he simply doesn't exude any excitement. In fact, he's quite dull and dreary, which maybe by KRON standards is quite acceptable and lauded. Aveson comes across as a stiff-looking paper stick best suited for institutional PR videos. 

KRON could have hired a local treasure like Tom Sinkovitz at a quarter of the salary they gave to Aveson but that would required actual thought and creativity--something foreign at the local albatross station.

*There will be a lot of coverage of today's latest rain storm wreaking havoc in the Bay Area, particularly in Marin, Napa and the South Bay and Santa Cruz. As there should be. But wouldn't it be great if a station were to go beyond the usual endless live shots of Hwy 17 mud slides and Marin flooding updates? These are important stories, don't get me wrong, but as they become so repetitious and standard faire they lose focus. Viewers become bored unless in the immediate vicinity. Why not an anchor doing a two-shot with a local meteorologist as to what is happening? I'd much rather listen to a Paul Deanno or Bill Martin rather than the obligatory live shot from the Napa River but that's just me.

*The best TV anchors always prefer going outside and reporting in the field. It's the meat-and-potatoes of actual TV News journalism --the pros will tell you that, especially the great ones like a Sinkovitz or the late Pete Wilson.

Image result for alyana gomez ktvu
Mark Ibanez and Alyana Gomez
*Today's 415 Media Picture of the day: KTVU's veteran sports anchor, Mark Ibanez, and up-and-coming news anchor, Alyana Gomez. Yes, there's only one 2!


  1. If you were stuck on Highway 17, getting your ass blown off and having to swim to the ENG truck, you'd be wooden, too. I think Katie MArzullo is way underrated and certainly underused. Disclosure - been a fan for a while, fellow Cal Poly alum.

  2. MO2 is absolutely the worst. I have no interest in watching 3 yahoos fiddle around on their phones & notebooks on live TV. Having 3 anchors strategically report the same story segmented by teleprompters extremely annoying.

  3. I do hope that rumor is true for Veronica. Bay Area Nightbeat is such a waste and the station turn CW44 News at 10 to Bay Area Nightbeat just to promote Veronica, boring news segment like a TV Show. Like Rich had mention about her family issues before moving to the Bay Area, it was very bad she can never come in on any weekend during big news event like the Oakland Fire when all TV station had all their daily news anchors coming in except I never see Veronica dealing with whatever issues. I even see KGO 7 morning news anchor working OT on weekends for hours like the Oakland Fire end of last year. If she goes back to the East Coast, I will stay tuned to more KPIX news.

  4. As much as I love Katie Marzullo, I have to agree. She's a much better field reporter than an anchor.

    1. No, Rich said she's better behind the anchor desk than in the field.

  5. Veronica Dela Cruz is too concerned about taking selfies at the anchor desk. Unless she plans to make out with viewers, cut down on the narcissism and report the damn news!!!

  6. I think Veronica could use a good rhinoplasty.It would take her up to the higher level of anchorwoman.
    It worked for Julie Chen.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Do you think it was a mistake for KGO to replace Katie Marzullo with Natasha Zouves and then Eric Thomas?

    1. Sure do!! As she swung into being behind the anchor desk, she got better at it. And just when she was hitting stride, the suits pulled the rug out from under her.

    2. The two morning reporters are the biggest mistakes replacing Eric and Kristen. Eric is like he is being demoted on weekends and going on reporting in the rain while Kristen is still in doors doing 11 and 5PM. Consider one is younger and one is older and most older age employee get demoted due to their high salary.

  8. Aveson? If you notice- there is NO dialogue from Pam Moore to him. If he compliments her? She says nothing..not even thanks,you.
    Its almost painful to see and hear all that.

  9. There was Grace Lee, then VDLC. Next, who? Betty Yu?

  10. VLDC is my only Facebook friend. If she leaves then I will have nobody.

  11. Today,Pam Moore is all talk to co anchor,Grant Lodes. Just spun on a dime from her usual "I have no need for Steve".
    Kron is so bizarre..and they push that family crap all the time.
    Nexstar really has no plan for KRON. Same o same o.

  12. Another about Radnich: He was complaining that they were going to a commercial at about 10:20 AM as I recall. "We started the show at 10:10 because of commercials!" he puffed.
    KNBR is just squeezing blood out of turnip.

  13. Pam is sooo rude to Aveson I feel sorry for the guy. No wonder he's so stiff. She has such an attitude, which seems to have changed when he came on board. Can't stand her now. She seems so uppety & "too-good-for-you for me to even acknowledge you, let alone bother to look at you."

    Veronica's voice is so very annoying I changed the station if she was on. Glad she's on the Nightbeat, which I don't watch.

    KRON needs another weather anchor. I am so sick of listening to the "Weather Wonder" ever 10 minutes to the dot, which is when I hit the Mute button! Really, KRON, the weather is not going to change that dramatically in 10 minutes. At least borrow another anchor from another station. You make it seem like there's a shortage of them. Such a relief the night she's off & not have to listen to her.

    "The Weather Authority" title is so stupid. Who or what made it "The Weather Authority" anyway?

  14. > KRON could have hired a local treasure like
    > Tom Sinkovitz at a quarter of the salary
    > they gave to Aveson but that would
    > required actual thought and creativity--
    > something foreign at the local albatross station.

    Consider who the news director is...