Monday, February 20, 2017

Oh, Right, Today

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  1. No Dastardly Donald in that image. He hasn't been impeached....yet.

    1. He's no Bill Clinton. Even if he was, he has the votes just like good ole William did.

    2. Hey look at the social experiment in the bottom right hand corner. 20 trillion dollars later on a credit card and here we are, never a year higher than 3% GDP. The only thing missing now is a woman. Oh wait...

    3. Oh, the new guy is no stranger to spending. He will do some cutting, often targeting the most vulnerable. He will eliminate some regulations, which will probably have mixed results. But then there is...

      ...the border wall. In regard to who is going to pay for this questionable but expensive project, he keeps lying. Dangerous Donald "likes war!" Stating to hostile world entities that they "will obey" and "behave" is a jackass move. His meddling and fomenting tone raise concerns, and a war or two or three, or World War Three, can be costly in many respects. To cover Truculent Trump's provocations, strategic misconceptions, and megalomaniacal tendencies, there will be significant bloating in military spending. That includes bucket loads of cash going to the wasteful/greedy/corrupt defense contracting network. I'm all for the "strength as a deterrent" concept, but judicious use of military resources is paramount. The current POTUS and defense industry concerns, however, are more than a tad impulsive.

      Duplicitous Donald shows his erratic side when he hangs an unexpected left turn and proposes welfare for pregnant women. But the one that really gets me is the security costs for his lavish, monarchal lifestyle. Gotta protect the expansive and expensive homes, business interests, and high-end recreational horse shit up and down the family tree. No wonder that many "Never Trump" conservatives are still not on board. They just aren't warming up to Dysfunctional Donald's inflated ego, thin skin, campy salesmanship and media-blaming, craving for chaos, inarticulateness and malapropisms, inconsistent talk and action, and pennywise and dollar foolish spending ideas.