Thursday, January 5, 2017

Point Counter-Point; KNBR Morning Show; Radnich; KTVU; Gasia Mikaelian; Chip Franklin; Oh Yeah, Me Too

Related image POINT: Rich, seriously, I've heard a lot of morning shows on radio around the country and KNBR's isn't that bad, why the constant ripping?

Counter Point: Do you actually listen? I mean, in between all the commercials that they deluge listeners with, do you actually listen?

I've essentially stopped. It's unbearable. It's really a hodgepodge of fake conversation and fake interviews sandwiched between an avalanche of sound bites, explosions really, and horribly, dopey bits with a no-talent hack "singing" song parodies. But it's god-awful. There's not a single ounce of sincerity or originality, just a loud, uninspiring audio wrestling match with a bunch of loud, unauthentic white frat boys who just left a beer pong. If that's supposed to be good radio them I'm a drunk Wink Martindale.

POINT: Your obsession with Gary Radnich is so unbecoming, really now.

Counter Point: First off, I don't have an obsession with the guy, I merely do what no one else does around here and call him out. And he really needs to be called out because the guy is such an abject hypocrite --and I haven't even mentioned his on-air performance. Radnich used to be quite talented and funny, creative and fun to watch and listen. But he's been riding his own coattails for years now; what other sports guy never goes to news conferences anymore or the actual games? For heaven's sake, he NEVER goes to a game --he sits on his butt at home! All in the name of "he has a family and doesn't have the time?" You gotta be kidding! Ibanez has kids, so does O'Donnell. Larry Beil has a family and kids, guess what they all go to games! What a crock. And how many times on the radio does he (Radnich) say THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER...How if you don't have kids, "you're selfish" and if you "do have kids, you're responsible." Who in the hell says shit like that? Radnich is an insecure buffoon --he's actually become boring to listen to--he's stale on TV too but at least there you only have 4 or 5 minutes of him. He's a bully too. He insults his own co-workers on both the radio and TV and isn't really liked by his own people--I know this firsthand. And since I'm the only one out there that won't take his BS some of his sycophants chide me. Fine, bring it on.

POINT: KTVU gets a lot of your wrath but they're still #1.

Counter Point: Yeah, well, someone has to be on top. KTVU has become so tacky, (thanks Fox) it's hard to take them seriously anymore. The revolving anchors, the social media tripe, the disconnect between the on-air people and management --I could go on and on, but the viewers see it and most of the viewers are smart and not as dumb as KTVU makes them out to be. I thought they did a great job with the Oakland warehouse fire and showed a bit of the old KTVU but that seems out of the playbook.

POINT: Gasia Mikaelian isn't really that bad is she?

Counter Point: No, she's actually worse. How do I know? Because I hear from some people there behind the scenes--and from people who work with her. She's become a complete imbecile. She has no respect for the brand. It's as if she was kidnapped by a Fox exec and held hostage until she complied with all the BS. I get it, she has to be chirpy all the time but she could show a bit of levity too. Not everything is chirpy and funny. With Gasia, it's all, "me, me, me." What the hell happened to her? Have you checked out her pictures on social media? She's become ridiculous. Sorry, but I have a hard time with an alleged news anchor who acts like a high school drama queen.

POINT: KGO Radio's Chip Franklin has really improved.

Counter Point: Really? Where? Actually I think he's getting worse. Do you listen to his mutterings? (In between his whoring of My Pillows ads and toe fungus) Franklin is the worst of the worst at the pre-fab KGO. He shouts, his patter is like an oatmeal muffin and his sidekick buffoon giggling Nikki is an embarrassment. Other than that, he's fine. But improved? Hell no.

POINT: You know, you've been doing a lot of pledge breaks and we're sick of them, Rich.

Counter Point: Well, guess what? Subscribe and make them go away. I can't live on Google ads and I don't work for free. I never went into this work (blog) with the idea of making money but I'm not (and cannot) going to do this losing money. I can't survive and therefore I have to constantly remind the people out there who come here frequently that if they want a daily media site to enjoy in the Bay Area, they should step up to the plate (and many have, but still not enough) and CONTRIUBUTE --and for a stinkin' 2 BUCKS a MONTH? Seriously, how much do you pay for cable and your smart phone? 300, 400, 500 a month? And I'm asking for a $25 a year to make 415 Media stick? Gimme a break.


  1. re the female sidekicks on various kgo shows, the one at noon does giggle and has nothing interesting to say, which matches the frenetic host perfectly. The one with Franklin, NIcki something, doesn't giggle, but rather has nothing interesting to say, and whatever is said, including the lockout on "news" updates is said with so much blandness,that we are as bored as she is.

  2. Gasia Mikaelian has a lot of Facebook LIVE in-studio and most of the shots are facing up toward the ceiling, duct work and insulation. Not a good look.

  3. Chip sounds like he carries his nuts around in a jar now. Far cry from the alt-right Chip of the old San Diego days.
    You can tell by his voice he is trying to hang on to that show.

    "Oh did hear the fresh air podcast Nikki?" Chip say's

    At least Chip won't have to shave his legs.

  4. And yet you didn't publish my letter about Gasia's return to MO2. Pam Cook is terrific. Gasia is insufferable & unwatchable which means I am back to no local news after 7am. Her first day back from vacation she was perfectly manic. Is that really her personality or waaay too much caffeine.

  5. Inside and out, Radnich is one of the ugliest creatures to ever walk the planet. And he is traumatizing future generations. My friend's grandson saw Raddy on TV, and the kid screamed, cried, crapped his pants, and had nightmares for weeks. I've even heard that some adults have reacted like that, too!

    Please Gary, for the sake of humanity, quit.

  6. As I sit here at work with the radio stuck on kgo, Franklin and his sidekick are discussing snot rockets and nose blowing ediquette.Seriously!

  7. Radnich? If the truth sets you free..he lives a life in bondage.
    What happened to that legal letter he said on KNBR he was sending you for being obsessed?
    Sabre rattling he had best keep to himself if he wasn't going to follow up on that.
    When he goes- take Pammy with him. She sets woman broadcasting back to woman being broads..and such deferential little things.

  8. Speaking of KNBR, can anyone comment on how much the local personalities are paid for their "shows?"

    Such as, how much is Steve Young paid to diplomatically slam the 49ers, or shoot the breeze, while shipping at Costco or running other errands? Brent Jones?

    They, and the coaches like Kerr surely command higher fees than the position player-types like Kilgore.

    Does Bill Martin pay them to be on air, LOL, like the thinly-veiled betting ad segments?

    Thankfully, my time on KNBR is limited to late PM, so I can avoid the Bruin Frat House, Radnich, and South Bend Village Idiots who are on earlier in the day.

    But I am curious about the financial arrangements behind the these segments.

  9. KNBR's overcommercialism has been insufferable even dating back to the Dill Era. Now it's hurting its own product because of its desperate need for endless advertising.
    The KRON sale delay does not help those who want the Bentley out of here. Doggone it, Media General, heads out of dagos, please!
    When the Eastbay sports teams had their lowest points, at lease we had off-seasons to escape from them. There is no offseason from the Eastbay's major TV station. It's a shame that KTVU has become both a laughing stock and insufferable place to work at; they're lucky FOX has the Super Bowl, the U.S. Open, the World Series, Empire, a few other shows, and of course, the Daily D'OH each Sunday night. And in a nod to the Lieberman Blog that succeeded this one, let us all hope that Gomez wins the catfight over Holmes (although we shall not hold our breath).
    Emphasize Gas in Gasia. Sad that she's turned into an insufferably unfunny gasbag.
    Haven't listened to KGO Radio since Disney made the fatal mistake of handing the station to the Cloud Clowns, then Lowenstein threw everyone under the bus.
    The 415 Media Blog could get more pledge breaks if it didn't heavily emphasize the spam-prone spoof-laden PayPal. (Still have nightmares from my old AOL account when I received two dozen fake PayPal messages in my Spam box every day for six months straight. Doubt that the real PayPal ever addressed this - probably making the most money out of desperately juked customers who can't afford to leave the real place) Never mind that its Founder is now in the circle of the Hairpiece-In-Chief, and is looking to add to his Spam Master success. Respect those followers who want to donate through their credit or debit cards a little more and cannot and will not trust PayPal, and maybe more Pledges will follow.

  10. Radnich- first newscast after your post- made it a point to say he would NOT be watching the Raider game. He claims he would be watching his kid play soccer. The others did mention- he could watch it streaming. No Answer from Radnich.
    So now he embraces his "The Sportscaster who's bored by Sports" personality.
    You should know- you can't shame Radnich.
    He never has denied or spinned the Tenderloin story's. I would guess they are true.

  11. KNBR has become sad joke ever since that dunderhead Hammer was put in control. Talk about ca-ca floating to the surface! What uncompromising photos did he have of higher-ups to earn his powerful position? I guess the fact that a clueless, spineless yes-man such as Hammer runs one of the strongest stations in the country is proof positive that Cumulus is a totally clueless company. But we knw that already, didn't we?

  12. Steve Aveson told Radnich "I love you". Steve's nose both grew and turned brown simultaneously.