Friday, December 2, 2016

My Girl --Friday 415 Media Video Finale

{TEMPTATIONS} *Thank You for your support of 415 Media


  1. The Tall & Talented Temptations, y'all!

    1. More proof that Smokey Robinson should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, if he isn't already.
      I hear he's not a very nice person, but hey, we're only human. One cannot deny his talent and drive. I can imagine he would become somewhat haughty after experiencing such success via Motown.

    2. Smokey Robinson is in the R&RHOF...inducted in the 80s...

      Also never a Temps member, though he did write a couple of their hits...

  2. One of Smokey's greatest songs next to Tracks of My Tears. Here's a great story about how great a lyric writer he was. I heard an interview where they asked him if his mom told him to shop around. Smokey told the interviewer his mom died when he was three.