Thursday, November 24, 2016

Who Says You Can't Read TV/Radio News on Thanksgiving; 415 Media To The Rescue; Hats Off To The People Working; Reason Why Greg Papa MIA at 'The Game'; Marty Lurie Nirvana on KNBR; KCBS' Goldsby Delivers The Goods; KTVU's Palombo Is Not That Bad; Happy Media Holiday

Image result for San Francisco A few things to be thankful for; some notes and a few observations; Happy Thanksgiving.

*Thanks to the people working today/tonight on the TV/Radio News desk; the writers, producers, photographers, anchors and reporters too; sure, they're not lifting anything (save for the MMJ's) but working on Thanksgiving can be a bummer, ask family.

*I know I'm anal on this subject but I wish the assignment editors showed a bit more creativity on this day without resorting to the usual standard faire of scene setters like Glide Memorial and the homeless people eating (still cool but maybe a new angle?); the routine set-up shots of the morons camped outside Best Buy to buy 2 buck TV's--isn't Black Friday so yesterday? I just read consumers are totally hip about this yearly fraud...You know, watch the BBC --there is actual news today, God forbid we have to turn to those outlets to get the info.

Image result for Greg Papa*A reliable source close to Greg Papa told me Papa's lengthy absence from 95.7 The Game was due to a "family issue."

*The reason why Marty Lurie gets a pass from me is that I genuinely like his show, which given my taste, would normally indicate a mass ripping.


Marty is summer baseball-on-the-radio nirvana; a marvelous, funny, poignant addition to the afternoon backyard BBQ; a pleasant backdrop to beer-in-the-garage heatwave relief when the Giants play a mundane game in June.

Marty makes me laugh too; has a sort of Joe Franklin in him. And he's one helluva interviewer too.

Image result for marty lurie knbr
Marty Lurie loves baseball
And truthfully, Marty Lurie absolutely LOVES what he's doing which might sound well, duh! until you listen to some other people who forget they're getting paid to watch baseball games.


*I've become a fan of KCBS anchor/reporter, Megan Goldsby, who is getting more airtime, finally.

Megan Goldsby
Megan Goldsby
I've always liked the gritty Goldsby from her recent days at LA sister CBS station, KNX. I'm delighted she came back to SF and is now a broadcast staple on "All News 740." Hard work on and off the mic pays off.

*Much as I can't stand KTVU anchor, Ross Palombo, when he does away with the "Look at Me" persona and reads the teleprompter right, he's actually a very decent anchor.

See, Ross, you don't need shtick to perform; the viewers like it straight and simple.

Image result for ross palombo
Ross Palombo
Stop the presses: I just complimented Ross Palombo. Arr!

*If I keep up this love-fest I'm going to turn away the torsos who look forward to non-stop ripping.

Sorry, a brief respite until I hear another Kars-4-Kids jingle.

*Again, Happy Thanksgiving to all, remember to eat and drink well, safely --don't bother talking politics, it'll give you indigestion --you don't need that.

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  1. Do you really think KRON is toast as of January 1st?

  2. Hmmm. I guess Haener put some sense into Palombo.

    Papa is not helped by the 70s Saccharin title to his radio show. Did return from Mexico City back to CSN sounding just fine as the Warriors paid Luke's Lakers at home after getting shut down in LA weeks before.

    Yes. Lurie & Goldsby are both cool. And BBC is the best alternative when not watching cool Steely Dan videos.

    And finally, Telemundo shall take over KRON. NBC returns to Channel 4 in Spanish!

  3. I salute caregivers and most of those in the health care field.Ok,we've all met the wise guy jerk paramedic or vain nurse.. But the vast majority rest,never get a rest and work Holidays every year. I wonder how many people realize that?
    There are no robots who will do the dirty work some do everyday. Change adult's..bath them. Lift them. And do it with dignity and respect for the elders.
    I salute them. Happy Holidays plus for them.

  4. Mary Lurie is the best thing going on KNBR. Great interviews. Total enthusiasm for the game and what he does. Thoughtful callers. He treats his callers with respect - which is unique. (Do Tolbert, Radnich, etc. ever respect their callers?) His Saturday/Sunday shows are great entertainment - perfect for the backyard radio.

  5. Thanks for keeping me abreast of the gritty bird with a passion for her craft, i see potential. Ross on the other hand, All I see behind the vacant empty eyes, again of this lost boy is a blood sucker and that endless loop drones its sickening refrain again ,and again

  6. Megan where have you been all of my life? Hubba Hubba!

  7. I'm in the biz and grew to like working on Thanksgiving. Food was provided and once you get past the awkwardness, it was fine. Only drawback, beside working? No wine.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  8. 1:09 is right on. I worked at NBC Burbank 30 years ago and Thanksgiving and Christmas were great work days. Pre-GE there was always a catered meal for us and as I remember we got triple time. Same when I worked at KING in Seattle.
    And really, it's just another day.

  9. Interesting that Papa's "family issue" still allows him to do Warriors pre & post game on TV plus Raiders home & away games. Bet it's more of a "contract issue."

  10. Radnich was upset Wednesday. He told viewers that Pam Moore told him off air to be more serious about the news on air.
    I guess she didn't like KRON doing magic tricks or barbershop quartet sing along's on air- during a newscast that Radnich pushes for. He thinks KRON news is TMZ bay area.
    They actually cut him off as he started another Heenan rant. Focus Gary,Focus!
    A big demerit to Steve Aveson on yesterdays news. He after a T day story tells Lodes "As Gary says,I like the Turkey on the plate.not walking around"..Yeah and doing KRON sports too?
    Aveson now quoting Radnich means he's now a KRON Kult member. Sad at his age too...

  11. Marty does do a nice job but he never would have been hired before Cumulus took over because the former owners of KNBR would never have hired him for the simple reason; they didn't hire people who they didn't pay. That's right. The big reason Lurie is on KNBR is that he costs the station not single penny. They actually make money on his show and don't have to pay him a cent. That's because he brings in his own advertisers who pay him. Works out well for Marty and for the cheap owners (Cumulus), who don't have to worry about another person to employ.

  12. Who was the good looking new anchor on KTVU doing the Friday Noon News?