Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Nervous Times at KRON; SF Web Team Axing Likely; Nexstar Consolidates Nashville; KRON Bare Bones Operation; 415 Media Exclu

Image result for KRON San Francisco 900 Front Street Not a good time at KRON as future of Bay Area TV News independent albatross gets murkier by the moment...

According to a 415 Media source close to the action, several ominous developments in the offing; to wit:

*In addition to everyone losing a week's worth of annual accrued vacation time, looks like the entire web team will be axed.

*Nexstar is consolidating all of its stations' web efforts in Nashville

The source is  pretty well convinced Nexstar is just waiting for the next Spectrum auction.

 "I'm told they couldn't offer up KRON this latest go-round since it might have jeopardized the MG {Media General} takeover. Corporate managers have been carefully going through every talent contract for ANY pending and long-term "windows" to either dismiss or DRASTICALLY reduce pay."

*Source: Three veterans at other soon-to-be-gone MG stations have already been told that they will not have their contracts renegotiated -- the new suits will replace them with cut-rate talent who all join the firm with ZERO accrued benefits. And the ones leaving are leaving with their last paychecks, no separation/termination fees of any sort.

*I see a situation arising sooner-rather-than-later where much of KRON (and other Nexstar local stations) just have anchors, MMJs, a couple of local sales people and not much else. I hear they want to be the first national TV group to "hub" just about everything from centralized office(s) -- MCR, national sales, assignment/planning staff and local team.

*Developing ...


  1. Your source is pretty spot on. Adding that there will be NO hubs of anytype in SF for Nexstar. SF people cost way too much, and there are those pesky unions to deal with.

    Watch Out...
    Nexstar will hub the restrooms and required lactation room if they can.

  2. How about we Nexstar KNBR also? I guess that's asking too much.
    btw- I heard Radnich bragging that he cant work with people he doesn't like. Amazing that a man who does his best to make the staff around him work for minimum wage,while he gouges the system,is convinced people around him don't see that. In fact they admire him he thinks.
    I guess its all due to egomania.

    1. Since no one in the industry likes Radnich, that should mean he can't work with anyone. So why doesn't he just retire and get fat(er) and old(er)?

  3. Please please please let Radnich be the first casualty

    1. If there were a "like" button I'd be clicking it right now. Repeatedly.

  4. "*I see a situation arising sooner-rather-than-later where much of KRON (and other Nexstar local stations) just have anchors, MMJs, a couple of local sales people and not much else."

    --This will be the SOP for TV stations nationwide within the next 5-years or so. Not to sound mean or crass...but it makes sense. Technology allows this...and so does shrinking viewership.

    Hell, if I owned a TV news op, I'd be doing the same thing. It makes business sense.

    I got out of the TV news biz 12-years ago for a corporate gig. My 11-th grade daughter has been asking me about pursuing a career in TV news. I'm strongly advising her to consider another career path.

  5. Move Telefutura from 48 to 4. KRON as major Spanish NBC affiliate. These other media owners are a joke and will continue to be.

  6. I don't see a need for KRON myself. They used to host a useful weather sub-channel on their channel 4.2 over the air broadcast, but they've since ended that in favor of nonsense programming. I guess anything in the way of public service content isn't thought a good idea by KRON management. And the viewers have spoken to that.

  7. If starweb were smart the obvious thing would be to cut the KRON anchors who brag about lavish lifestyles and 60 grand parties and sauna's and the vacations in the Hamptons..all that.
    Its what I would do.