Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Happy #1 KQED Radio; KNBR Not So Happy; SF September '16 Radio Ratings

KQED Radio is happy; KNBR drops; September '16 SF Radio Ratings--

We always advise these are so-called "beauty contest" numbers  that advertisers do not use to buy time on stations. They are overall numbers that reflect listeners (6+)

Image result for radio arbitron ratingsThe full numbers are here.


  1. Now Michael Krasny has a legitimate excuse to shit his pants & not blame it on Dominic the Midget.

  2. Not surprised that KQED is at the top of the list. We have some of the most intelligent, well educated folks in the world living here in the bay area and we all know that NPR gives us interrupted news and analysis of important national and world events with much more detail and focus than any of the commercial stations such as KCBS, KGO, etc are willing or able to do.

    1. Mr. or Ms. intelligent @9:21 - I think you meant uninterrupted news and analysis.

  3. BUT!..The curse of "80's music all day every day" has hit bay area stations. ALL that crap British new wave music after the near crap Disco music of the 70's ended.
    What a terrible epoch and time for music. There went my yout...

  4. KNBR stinks, if they do not hire Haberman and Middlekauff it will show how incompetent the leadership really is.