Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Maria Medina at KPIX; Am I Missing Something? Capable But Not Spectacular; Makovec Shines In Spite of Given The Boot; KGO's Daetz and Melendez Too; Cook and Aguirre Best of the Best; Top Bay Area Women TV News Anchors/Reporters

Maria Medina
 Maria Medina: Am I missing something? Please tell me.

Don't get me wrong, this KPIX anchor is quite a sight to behold (she's quite the presence) but I don't see why all the big fuss. She's certainly capable and serviceable but dynamic, a virtuoso? I'm not there, yet.

Which brings me to my point. I think we're so inundated with such less than mediocre talent in the Bay Area, particularly TV News, that anyone even remotely deemed "good" is catapulted into the greatness category.

Medina isn't the only one and certainly the only woman. She's better than average but is that saying anything these days? Hardly.

For a market that seems to think it's so superior than the rest; for an area that likes to brag about its diversity and esoteric presence; that it's sophisticated and supreme and all that; it's really all smoke and mirrors.

Since we're focused here on women, I'm going to give you my choices for some of the best female TV talent in the Bay Area; women I find both quality anchors/reporters and dedicated to their profession--in no particular order. 

Anne Makovec

*I've always liked Anne Makovec at KPIX. (Who I just find out was given the boot on Sunday Morning) She's very underrated in my book. Love to watch her on Sunday Morning on PIX's decent program. Makovec should be on more and in Primetime but she herself once told me that she prefers the relative calm and peace on weekends as opposed to all the hullabaloo on weekdays.

Here's the thing about Makovec that impresses me the most: she doesn't take herself too seriously and she's also quite beautiful but doesn't let that get to her head. She's also an intelligent news reader and above-average interviewer, full marks in today's environment of nobodies that are worshiped as if they're female Walter Cronkites.

UPDATE: Makovec was replaced by Medina b/c, according to a PIX source: "Maria is probably better looking."


Ama Daetz
*I love KGO's Lyanne Melendez; she's sort of a throwback reporter who just does her job and goes to work; doesn't make a spectacle of herself and is obviously hard-working and dedicated to her craft. She also covers a lot of assignments that are not glamour-oriented (like education and transportation) but makes it interesting.

Lyanne Melendez

*Let me say that I'm very impressed with Ama Daetz of KGO. This might sound sort of weird but it's difficult being that beautiful and also a top-notch anchor to boot.

I think Ama has improved night and day since her earlier tenure at ABC7; she's always read well but her demeanor is more serious and reserved when the story deserves it. Plus, she had to replace the respected and venerable, Carolyn Johnson, not an easy job.

Pam Cook
*Pam Cook, in my mind, is the most underrated anchor at KTVU. She's just plain solid and straightforward --unlike others, she's able to read the news and doesn't draw attention to herself. She doesn't have to. That's what makes her so good. Too bad we don't see more of her.

Jessica Aguirre
*Jessica Aguirre possesses the total package: beauty, talent and elegance combined with grace on the set. I've had some issues with Jess over the years but she's been able to persevere and get better with age. She's still got it and NBC Bay Area has a proven commodity.

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  1. Is Maria Medina the daughter of Funky Cold Medina? Get up on this!!

  2. What about Veronica De La Cruz, The other Cook, Elizabeth Cook, Natasha Zouves, and the other Jessica, Jessica Castro. Or will they be the subject of part 2 of this post?

    1. Natasha tosses in a little Aegyo just to torment the boys.

  3. You need to get these frau's to learn what good "Fan Service" is. Seems the BA is the only market where these women suffer.

    Strut Pout...put it out.

    No longer any need for Journo-Chops when all they do is tweet and read facebook post.

  4. Agreed on Makovek. I miss watching her on the weekends. She made the show, and it's gone downhill. Was nice to see her dynamic presence on the weekday show recently, that show could use a face lift. C'mon PIX.

  5. Kpix is clearly struggling with their talent hiring. Any info on management and what is driving the missteps in decision making? No one is worse than the new traffic chick

  6. Anne M is beautiful as well as a solid reporter. Sorry she was mistreated like that. A shame, but unfortunately normal.

  7. You are missing something on Pam Cook. Unfortunatly she and Dave are my only news source at 6am. 1) She needs a makeover 2) She has a shit eatin grin on her face when she anchoring and a phony ohhhhhh when when she report in bad news,,It's like she not awake yet...She has potential to be better but she not challenged by anybody..She so much better when she's doing Money a. Business later in the newscast.IMHO

  8. Two words: Peggy Bunker. Smart, poised, gorgeous.

    1. I am with you here! One up on Heather Holmes in the beauty department.

  9. And what about Maureen Naylor? Again, so professional when given a chance to anchor.

  10. Medina seems professional, looks good and comes across as knowing what the hell she is talking about. Maybe not the best here, but certainly better than most. I'd take her alongside Ken Wayne and Brittney Shipp for a team. Brittney is good looking AND she does more than just point to crap on the map. I have found her to be pretty darn accurate.

  11. KPIX is a mess. I won't watch that station. Between the new traffic gal and Robera. Yuck!
    I agree Anne was better then Maria. She is solid. I do love to watch Claudine at KTVU on weekends. She is smart unlike some of these other anchors.

  12. Yes Rich you are missing a Rocket Body.

  13. Anne Makovec is beautiful???? She has a tendency to sway when she is doing her standup, and sometimes sways when she is seated at the anchor table. She does an decent job, but won't win any beauty contests.