Friday, July 8, 2016

Morning After Dallas Ambush KTVU 'The Nine' Embarrasses Itself With Teen Ms. Cal and Comedian


The morning after the Ambush in Dallas --KTVU's hideous "The Nine" chose to have, among other frivolities ...the teen Ms. a comedian, Shawn Wayans. Giggles galore. Chuckles all around. It was preposterous even by Fox2 standards --whatever that is.

I couldn't watch anymore but I'll give Wayans credit for lampooning the gruesome Gasia Mikaelian for asking such silly questions. It seemed Wayans was incredulous the idiot panel didn't bother asking him the obvious. He is, after all a topical comedian ...the only thing funny here are the dummies on KTVU.



  1. The whole Wayans family are topical comedians to a degree - Keenan Ivory, Damon, and Shawn. They actually might have gotten some interesting points of view or insights if they'd discuss the recent shootings. Sometimes recent events mean you have to forego the typical light banter and promotion of guests' gigs on a morning show for discussion of what's going on - as a journalist, Mikaelian should know that. Which makes me wonder - are they really journalists or just news readers. I would think you have to be one before the other and sometimes your ability to inject some personality or empathy into reading the news and physical attractiveness get you in front of the camera. I'm probably naive though.

    1. Easy answer.. Gasia is not a journalist

  2. WytePeopleBCraZee ImWyte2July 8, 2016 at 10:56 AM

    McAlien is the worst. I think she's surpassed KRONvict, Darya as female anchor I cannot stand to watch/listen to. At least Darya has some common sense and knows when things are serious. She may be brash, loud, and dress like yesterday's trying-too-hard Cougar, but at least she's not giggling to hide lack of common sense and/or grey matter. Sooooo glad I didn't watch KTVU. Disgusting.

  3. I thought MO2 would show some respect to Dallas this morning by reducing the happy talk from 6-9am. But no...they were happy talking idiots as usual. Very Dallas never happened.

  4. Rich -

    I find your blog frequently interesting. Not always, but frequently. I've actually frequently considered contributing, as you so frequently request.

    The only reason I haven't contributed is because of your selective posting of comments that are neither obscene or offensive, but clearly just because they are not in line with your worldview or theme du jour.

    I candidly don't expect you to post this comment either, but I know that you'll read it before choosing not to approve it. If you want people to take you seriously and pay for your content, you need to act seriously and accept reasonable criticism of your work.

  5. Knowing their corporate master (Fox) as I do, they were probably straitjacketed and told not to broach the subject. So it may not be The Nine's fault. Bu who knows...

  6. Gasia McBoobian looks delicious in that photo

  7. Surprised there is no mention of KGO radio. They actually did a fantastic job with their coverage of the Dallas shootings. All hosts blew out the format and covered the story with guests. Great job. Almost reminded me of the old days

  8. He declined to comment on the topic.