Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Could Keba Arnold Sue KTVU? My Thoughts; Mitchell, ND, Out at NBC Bay Area; But Much of It Wasn't His Fault; 415 Media Headlines

 IS KEBA ARNOLD GOING TO SUE KTVU? Hostile Work Environment.  I've been asked this a lot the past 24 hours; if she did this it would amount to career suicide even if she were to win.
Then again, posting this video on Facebook amounts to virtually the same situation.
As I stated numerous times, I wasn't a big fan of Arnold although she was competent enough but seemed to get the short end of the stick at 2 Jack London Square.
My insiders tell me she was mistreated and toyed with by Fox management --they brought her in with much fanfare and touted her and Mike Mibach as a winning combo for their 4 PM Newscast.
It didn't work out but it wasn't Arnold's fault. The station mismanaged her and kept placing her in different time slots. All to her, and by extension, KTVU's detriment. Had she been nurtured along for an extended time on The 4 she could have exceled and improved. They (management) certainly invested enough time and effort.
The last straw was moving her to weekends where the end was swift and sudden. Therefore, I wouldn't be that all surprised if Arnold began to lawyer up.
*Jonathan Mitchell, the News Director at NBC Bay Area, (KNTV) was finally booted out the door today (Wednesday) --there'd been rumors of this for months now and it's official. Mitchell's lack of management and hands-off certain personnel were reasons but I'm of the belief NBC wanted better performance out of its SF (San Jose) O and O. That's a major problem with a station that still has a weak signal; still doesn't know whether it wants to be a San Jose station with SF News or a SF station based in Silicon Valley. Mitchell couldn't pull off the winning rally. In addition, he also couldn't obtain any significant ratings. KNTV is perennial bottom of the barrel and even Olympics coverage can't overcome stagnation and flat lining.
The acting ND, Stephanie Adrouny, will probably get the job on a permanent basis; she's well liked by her peers there at KNTV and is also a favorite of current bigwig NBC News guy, Kevin Keeshan, plus her ex-boss at KGO-TV.
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  1. Is it even possible for a San Jose station to ever be the news leader? I don't the think the ghosts of Van Amburg (who's still alive)could pull them up that much.
    It might help to get a real sportsguy. A little. Spend some bucks KNTV.
    Otherwise the sound of "In Almaden Valley, a man.."..zones me right finger hits the remote automatically.

    1. Which is why I never watch the San Jose station. I live in the North Bay and couldn't care less what's going on down there. Also, what is "Today in the Bay?" About fish or boats, or what? Should be Today in the Bay Area!

  2. I hope she sues for a ton o' money. KTVU management needs a big wake up call.

  3. My Linkin account says there are 5 jobs available at KNTV. Every position from soup to nuts. 1)field producer 2)photographer 3) planning editor 4) reporter 5) special projects producer. Think they are cleaning house?

    1. Many stations have perpetual listings just to see who's "out there." Not saying this is definitely the case here, but it's a common strategy in TV land.

  4. Sorry, she just wasn't that good.

  5. I don't understand how KNTV is bottom of the barrel. I have tried to watch all the other stations 5:00, 6:00 or 11:00 newscasts, and they are embarrassing and ridiculous. KNTV is the least embarrassing.

  6. Used Bentley Guy says she'd be a perfect fit at KRON.

  7. She won't sue... unless it was in her contract she can't be moved show to show. Talent can be moved off shows for a number of reasons... Keba isn't the first outside anchor that didn't stick around ... Remember Drew Soicher??? In what way has management undermined her?...I don't hear specifics. It's managements job to make the best anchor duos and get the highest ratings while keeping down costs. Every person who has ever worked in a newsroom has felt screwed by management...most suck it up and take it... Keba is moving on...and good for her...most don't have the balls to chase their dreams

  8. ""In Almaden Valley, a man.."..zones me right out.."
    I live here in San Jose (move here in 1980 from SoCal). I zone out/change it to ESPN when---while watching KGO, KPIX, KTVU news--I hear "In the Castro District..." or "Tonight it Santa Rosa."

    I love living down here in the Valley. I hope KNTV keeps its "San Jose-centric" focus. I'm sure there are lots of others who feel the same way (more people live in Santa Clara County than in SF and the Peninsula combined).

  9. They don't even cover the weather in East Bay cities. It's just "east bay" like it'should one place. Plus I don'the care what goes on there. Rarely watch.

  10. Bottom of the barrel? I work for a competing station and many of us would jump at the opportunity to go to KNTV. They have the best ownership, they spend money and they're consistently #2 in the ratings (in the coveted 25-54 demo, which is all that matters). KNTV has the most solid newscast in the market...tho that's not saying much.

  11. What is it with NBC Bay Area always hiring these small market people to be NDs or GMs?

    At least if Adruony gets the job permanently they'll have someone with Bay Area chops to grow things.

    Personally like a South Bay focus, but don't know the numbers of the market to say whether that's a smart move.

    Back in the KNTV 11 days they had Santa Cruz / Salinas / Gilroy.

    KSBW dominates down there.

  12. Idk, but from looking at Keba's YouTube Vid, it seems like every few years she was on the move from Boston, Texas, Sacramento, to the Bay Area. All to different Media Outlets across the Country to report the News.

    Maybe Keba was just tired of it, and the fact that KTVU lured her all the way from Sacramento, from a job where she was very well liked, & respected...Just to be toyed with by KTVU.