Saturday, July 16, 2016

Bogart Tunnels 415 Media

 BOGART: in an afterlife...

*KNBR: "Jesus Christ, Who's Lee Hammer?"

*Ronnnnn Owens: "Who da fuck but you puts two n's in Ronnnnnn?"

*Jan Wahl: "I think I have an extra tuna sandwich in my back pocket."

*Chris Filippi: "Boy, did you get fucked!"

*KCBS' Edith Rivera: "Hey
sweetheart, any more KGO hires on the horizon?"

*Jack Swanson: "Come on Jack, I wasn't born yesterday!"

*Mike Sugerman: "Yeah, sure, Sugey, you just one day got up after 40 years in the Bay Area and decided to spend your golden years in that tranquil villa called NY City? Like your grandkid couldn't wait a year--gimme a break!"

*Chef Ryan Scott: "Hey, you, small dick, I'm gonna kick your ass, you moron!"

*Chip Franklin: "I got your Rich Uncles here, asshole!"

*P-Conn: "Oh, so you're the redneck they keep talking about."

*Brian Murphy: "Hey, pal: if you mention any more UCLA/pop culture references, I'll rip your tongue out, prick!"

*Paulie Mac: "I suggest...I really suggest....that you take that sound board of yours and stick it up your place where the sun don't shine!"

*Michael Krasny: "Pardon me, professor, but your radio show makes me want to smoke another cigarette and take two naps."

*Gary Radnich: "Hey, kid, when I came to 'Frisco I cruised the Tenderloin too, only I liked women only."

*Aaron Pero: "Ah, just shut the fuck up!"

*Kate Scott: "Excuuuuse me maam, I know you mean well, but truly, I've seen better. Love the corduroy pants though."

*Justin Wittmayer: "You hired that prick?!"

*Randall Bloomquist: "She screwed who?!"

*Larry Krueger: "Who da fuck are you?"

*Damon Bruce: "And you too."

*Ann Killion: "When I look at you I think of Donald Trump."

*Stan Bunger: "You're still around, pompous ass!"


  1. How was it possible to have missed the ABC7 Morning News? Let alone all the Morning newscasts? Except for Good Day on KBCW

  2. Did he like Gasia??

  3. Bogart: Where's Herb Caen? Where'd Charles McCabe go? Stan Delaplane, Art Hoppe? Hell I'll even take a John Carman. What is this piece of lettuce called the Chron? That aint it sweetheart...

  4. Wow! Used Bentley guy likes to walk on the wild side. His wife scares you.

  5. donate your car today: okay, you can have my spare 1931 Packard phaeton.

  6. You post some good and interesting Bay Area insider media info Rich but I don't understand why you care how many "n's" a talk show hosts uses in their name, or whether the name a talent person uses on the air is different from their given name. Everyone knows those in entertainment talent often use a name or spelling different from their own, for privacy, or just b/c their own name doesn't seem right for their personality. How many "n's" Ronn Owens uses, not an interesting topic to me.

  7. Raddy continues to steal money and play the same tired routine. Hey Gary, "NO ONE CARES!" ought to be your mantra. When your career is all said and done, what kind of a legacy will you leave? Lousy one-liners and snappy patter on the set. Insulting and bullying the the 'little people" who did the most to make you sound and look presentable on KRON and KNBR.

  8. Bogart to Krasny: And another thing "Professor", quit talking about Frisco State as if it were a legit higher place of education. It ain't no Harvard, it ain't no Berkeley and it ain't no Stanford. It is an institution of no repute.