Thursday, June 16, 2016

Warriors Win Off-Court Delayed By San Fran Superior Court Judge; MBA and Save Muni Enter Legal Fray as Dubs Fight for BTB Titles

 While the Warriors appear poised to win Game 6 in the NBA Finals in Cleveland --a back-to-back championship--their quest to win OFF the court and build a waterfront arena has taken a dramatic HIT, thanks to a ruling by a SF Superior Court judge.

Judge Garrett Wong has ruled that Save Muni, a dedicated association of transit activists, environmentalists and neighborhood leaders, will be allowed to legally join the fight against the Warriors alongside Mission Bay Alliance--that's a big development given the advocacy's significant power in San Francisco legal and political circles.

Furthermore, it figures to attract more Bay Area Media coverage given the likelihood of, at worst, major delays in the Warriors' plan of having the new arena ready for a 2019 opening, an opening now that looks more and more like 2021 or '22 at best, if at all.

We are pleased that Judge Wong has allowed Save Muni to join in this critically important lawsuit,” said Save Muni spokesperson Jerry Cauthen. “An arena in Mission Bay would cause severe traffic and parking impacts as well as decades of delay in getting the Caltrain trains into downtown San Francisco and we will do everything in our power to stop this from happening.”

MBA and Save Muni will formally go to trial in San Francisco tomorrow (Friday). A lengthy court battle will put off the new arena and once again spawn rumors of either a Warriors ownership consideration of yet a new San Francisco sight or a reconsideration of Oakland and the Eastbay's offers.

The Mission Bay Alliance is a coalition of UCSF stakeholders, donors, faculty, physicians, nurses and the working men and women of San Francisco who are concerned about the impact of the proposed Warriors' arena on the future of the vibrant community and medical campus at Mission Bay. The Alliance has joined a coalition of world-renowned scientists from UCSF, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and the California Nurses Association in calling the proposed Warriors’ arena a “disaster” for Mission Bay.

The lawsuit against the Warriors proposed arena, which goes to trial this Friday, June 17 at 9:30 a.m. in Department 503, argues that San Francisco city officials violated the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and other laws by not properly considering alternative locations for the arena and by failing to adequately address the project’s , such as traffic, air quality, and noise. It also argues that the City of San Francisco broke its own development rules and limits under Proposition “M.”


  1. I understand Vegas wants an NBA team......

  2. Besides the owners where are the we want the Warriors in SF crowd pushing back.

  3. This is just a delay of the inevitable. At best Oakland hangs on to the Warriors for an additional season.
    Some more cash will go the hospital's way and it will be over.

  4. Maybe...Or in a few years when the Warriors are at the bottom of the heap again, no one but Oakland will want them.

  5. The Warriors need to consider another SF site or reconsider the city of Oakland. Traffic congestion in the South of Market area is bad already. A major hospital sits in the middle of it all. The south of Market area does not need another sports venue.
    One is enough!

    1. It's location is one reason I will attend. There is something to do across and down the street. And I live in the North Bay.
      For the same reasons I prefer ATT to Candlestick, this will be preferable to Oracle.

  6. After the last two playoff games I think they might be staying in Oakland - Possibly a combination of injuries and paid off Refs in Cleveland who only can see Warrior fouls and no others....

  7. The worst part about tonight's Warriors loss comes in the morning. While we as fans need to keep a positive outlook for Sunday, and we will, still we will not stoop to happy happy joy joy moronic acting faces like that of Donny & Marie.