Friday, June 3, 2016

The Greatest



  1. thanks Rich 4 this wonderful heart warming clip!!!
    just what the doctor ordered for a day like today!

    RIP Mohammed

  2. Mohammed Ali died last night. I have tears for this great person, this great American. He transcended race, religion and even war to be truly who he was in spite of everything placed in his way. I was happy to have met him and for him to have shaken my hand one night in SF circa ‘69 or so.
    OK, it was at a panel discussion at USF. Angela Davis was on the panel and was yakking away. While she spoke on and on Mohammed was making facial gestures and making the ‘you are taking too much’ hand signals to the audience. We smiled at his silent critique as she rambled on and on. Later on I was introduced to him by a friend who had been one of his sparring partners.
    OK, the sparring partner was Steve Carter. Steve copied everything he could of Ali’s style it was complete mimicry. Trouble is, Mohammed was Mohammed and Steve wasn’t Steve.

    RIP Champ!