Friday, June 17, 2016

It's Friday PM And You Wanted To See Where Some Of The SF Media People Get Laid

 Underrated bar, is Grumpy's. But the bar makes for a good, out-of-the-loop spot for people searching for a booty call; a hook-up.

I've witnessed several media types; some were obviously plastered, some were not, looking to get laid.

Mind you I wasn't conducting a scientific survey just know enough people and have first-hand experience in the process. (No, not a Fantasia location)

Grump's is convenient and they pour a pretty damn good drink. It's like a no-nonsense place, just dark and ordinary enough and in a cool location near the Battery gulch. Their tuna-melt is good enough to take one home later after midnight when your business has concluded and you're ready to have a wee-hour nosh.


  1. "Booty call" and "tuna melt." Keeping it live and low-class.

  2. "I've witnessed several media types; some were obviously plastered, some were not, looking to get laid."

    Usually males?

  3. You even thought about how much money you could save staying home and cooking?
    Ambience might not be the same..but cant pay bills with spent ambience.

  4. I see "Private Parties" on their sign.

  5. Well it's Saturday night Rich and KTVU is looking more like KRON news on local coverage. On their non coverage of the SF fire they showed little other than interviewing displaced folks. Lord help them they need assistance but it might be better to have more than a 10 second shot of the fire scene and numerous displaced persons - but that is progressive KTVU...


    KTVU outdid themselves on OPD scandal coverage defaulting to some chick on Fox News from LA commenting on cut and pasted news feeds on the OPD situation - Just like KRON would do. So what is with KTVU on weekends more staff cuts less coverage more BS? Was their one field reporter tied up with the sorta fire coverage in SF or what?