Saturday, June 25, 2016

Bay Area Media Brexit: 'Should I Stay or Should I Go'?

 CHEF RYAN SCOTT: Oh, please, Go, Go, go, go, go....Go!

*Jan Wahl: Go immediately! Quick, please.

*KNBR Morning Show: GO! Be gone, oh, please the Lord, gone, like, "yeah, yeah, yeah--we're GONNO!"

*Darya Folsom: oh, yes, GO, go, go --both of you.

*Donnie and Marie: Gone.

*Gasia Mikaelian: Please, like yesterday!

*Kate Scott: Get your ass outta here! GONE!

*The Foodie Chap: Bye, Bye, He's gone.

*P-Conn: oh, you are GONE! War Eagle! He's Gone.

*Sarah and Vinnie: GONE  BOY!

*Bret Burkhart: Gone.

*Jana Katsuyama: Oh, please, just gonno!

*Mike Matthews: Like yesterday, GONE! (What a schmuck!)

*Allen Martin: You're still here? Gone!

*Chip Franklin: Take your ass and rich uncles outta here, you GONE!

*Bob Fitzgerald: Oh, please, save the world, GONE!

*Dave Feldman: Harbaugh hates you now, GONE!


  1. Brian Copeland: You get the hell out of here.

    Karel: Keep going, you're not far enough away yet. We still smell you.

  2. How about this for a musical interlude?

  3. The entire on-air staff at KGO (except Ethan Bearman), please get the hell out of here!

    1. The whole on-air staff at KGO (except Pat and Christine) can GTFO ASAP.

  4. This post pretty much tells you how bad things are in Bay Area media. Nearly everyone needs to go. You all suck big ones. Get lost.

  5. Vern Glenn: He gone.

  6. Rod Brooks:

    Ray Ratto: He's still here, and now all of the food in the lunchroom fridge is gone.

  7. Duane Kuiper: Ouuuutaaa HEERE. Gone.

    Mike Krukow: Seeeee 'YA. Take a hike.

    Tim Lincecum: Gone. Pass the bong.

  8. Kate T. Scott: Grab your pillow and get the hell outta here!

  9. Ross forgot Ross Palumbo!

  10. Yes!!! Gasia must gooooo!!! She's talking so damn fast! BREATHE!!! SLOW DOWN! Cut her off all caffeine!!! Dave Clark is so easy-going, and she's the complete opposite. I bet it takes all he's got to not reach over and duct tape her mouth.

    I feel like I just climbed 20 flights of stairs after watching her speed through her teleprompting!

    What a mistake to give her the morning anchor spot!

    I like Pam Cook...she should have the desk.

  11. What is your friggen problem with Alan Martin? He is a fine presence, thoroughly and unpretentiously professional. I don't get. You would make far better sense wishing for the exit of KTVU's Dave Clark. He eats and gulps down the words alive. Maybe its the glasses that can make him look weirdly menacing.

    Perfection in weather forecasting at KTVU. ALL of the presenters are a perfect pleasure to watch, each in their own natural way.