Friday, June 17, 2016

415 Media Breakfast Friday Scrambled Eggs

 CRAZY WORLD. Bad vibes all around. A nutty political election that seems to have started decades ago with a wildcard loudmouth who says anything and a woman who says we should vote for her because she's a woman. Pass the seltzer.

When it gets too intense, I say eat. Eating cleanses the soul if not your waistline. Grab a good hearty breakfast. I love scrambled eggs with extra-burnt rye toast and cottage potatoes. Fire up another cup of black coffee.

*Friday seems to be the day that brings out the best in local media. The butt heads at KQED celebrate with one of the 5000 managers who make over $250K even though management (as usual) cries poor. "We have to cut the budget, we have to cut the budget!" Why doesn't Michael Krasny ever talk about that on his show. Or is just another obscure Berkeley author opining on climate change. Pass the smelling salts.

*It's not that Stan Bunger at KCBS isn't good, he's just more irritating of late. The on-air scribbling with weather countess, Roberta Gonzales, has become sort of barf-inducing, Stanley --I'd say, a quiet conversation with Robby would be in order.

*So, most of you got Fantasia, some of you didn't, which is why they call it a blog.

*Another reason why Michael Savage gets it: the only media figure in these parts who says there's not one good deli in the Bay Area. When Safeway has the best pastrami there's a problem. And Tommy's Joynt is great Hoffbrau food but it's not a deli.

*The Warriors' beat writer for the Chronicle, if you read the paper, has been noticeably missing from the NBA Finals. His by-line has been reduced to writing sidebars ...a co-worker insists there's noting fishy, I say otherwise.

*A Game 7 for the ages on Sunday in Oakland...the only thing that would be more important is Giants replay.

*Oh, Happy Father's Day for those of you lucky enough to have fathers.

*No, the booze poured for that KGO-TV jerk reporter at Grumpy's wasn't a bad pour --prompting the jerk to place down a dollar tip for a 50-buck tab, no, the guy is just a cheap jerk too.

*Has Michael Bauer ever reviewed a restaurant outside San Francisco and Healdsburg? Napa doesn't count.

*Then again Bauer, at least, isn't a foodie chap.

*For all his on-air greatness and industry respect, Dennis Richmond was quite a dick off the air. I'm reminded of a certain KQED radio host who almost had it out with Richmond at a party when greeting Dennis, Richmond looked over the radio host's head, barely acknowledging him.That story is one of the more kind ones.

*Underrated: Rob Roth.

*Overrated: Amber Lee.

*Underrated: Carolyn Tyler.

*Overrated: Jana Katsuyama.

*I'll repeat this again and again: you would think that the people that run KPIX would reassemble the furniture but they're complete imbeciles.


  1. Savage is a New York Jew. In his narrow-minded world, the only delis that exist are Jewish ones. If that's what he said, a bigoted slap in the face of the Italians.

    1. I have heard good things about: Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen, which is a traditional Jewish deli that uses local ingredients: 3150 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110, (415) 787-3354

  2. Richmond was as jerk as they come, and because he was black, he knew they couldn't touch him. Feared but never respected or liked, he ruled the newsroom like a little dictator and most people were happy to see him go. And his news knowledge was zero...he'd sit in on the staff meetings but rararely say a word, because he didn't understand most of what he was reporting, which is also why he took on that emotionless demeanor on the air. In short, Oakland desperately wanted (and still wants) a black hero, and regardless of actual ability and accomplishment, if you stay out of cuffs, you can be it. There have only been a handful of anchors who have brains and get the news; sadly, they're *all* second-fiddle players (Hackney, Heenan, Eric Thomas). About the only Bay Area main anchor who's worth his salt these days is Dan Ashley.

    1. Interesting insight at 10:41AM.
      What you say only confirms what many of us viewers felt while watching KTVU during his tenure.
      Dennis Richmond was a figure head at Channel 2.
      The recipient of affirmative action.

    2. Warriors beat writer at the Chronicle is missing?
      Sure, too busy surfing the web looking for stories to pirate.

  3. If the best candidate is a woman, I'll vote for her.

    If Clinton wins there will be those who say she was elected only because she was a woman. Of course that didn't work last time out for her, nor did it for Fiorina and Palin.

    Have all the past Presidents been elected only because they were men? Was Obama only elected because he is African-American, did the other 43 get elected because they were white? No.

  4. I haven't seen much (any) of Catherine Heenan since around the time of the Radnich incident. What's the scoop?

  5. "A nutty political election...a woman who says we should vote for her because she's a woman."

    Unlike Hillary, Time mag person of the year and Forbes fave Angela Merkel has always chosen to run on her credentials rather than emphasizing gender.

  6. Clinton would be wise to go with a male GOP running mate.

    She'd capture enough of the voters who hate both Trump and her to win the election.

    Republicans would vote for her, based on the presumption that if she gets indicted, they take over.

    1. The Plain Dealer says Tim Ryan is on her short list which would help her with blue collar Ohio but hurt with the liberal wing of the party. Many of the Berniebots will stay home as it is. There was some discussion of Sherrod Brown but having two white Democratic politicians in their sixties doesn't seem to be a smart idea although I can't say having a guy like Ryan who is essentially unknown outside Ohio would make a difference either way.

  7. Speaking of Napa...

    Some of the reporters in this area need to look at a map. Healdsburg, Sebastopol, and Forestville are not in Napa County!

  8. And KQED still is not promoting minority production personnel.
    The biggest hypocrite in America is a liberal media outlet.