Monday, May 16, 2016

You Got The Warriors-OKC NBA Playoffs and Oh, This Just In, Timmeh Lincecum Signs With Angels; Live Shots Galore In The 415


There's this.

And now this, Tim Lincecum just signed with the Angels; well, he hasn't officially but everyone on the moon says its a done deal.

So expect this from your TV News station tonight; lots of live shots from Oracle on the Warriors and some girls named Trish and Courtney will be asked from the Public House:

"Hey, how you feelin' now that Timmeh is about to pitch for the Angels?"

{Insert screaming sounds and stupid actuality}

Oh, you know KRON, with its new 10 PM News Show is probably going to go just nuts on old Timmy.

Well, it sure beats post mortems on this cluster puck.


  1. Lincecum goes to the Halos. Big fat fucking deal. He's not the second coming of Juan Marichal. And here's a question: how many of people who claim to be Giants fans know who he is? He's not just a statue you can stand under at AT&T Park. But Fatnich needs something to hype. Let's hype the hell out of this. Go get your Bentley waxed.

    1. Giants fan here:
      2 time Cy Young award winner, 3 time World Series Champion, 2 no-hitters AND a bad hip that screwed with his mechanics the last 2-3 seasons. Glad he found a job and hope he does well.

    2. Has nothing to do with Radnich, 4:24. Taking into account everything 9:10 wrote not to mention the fact that the Giants were actively courting him, it appears to be a big enough deal.

  2. It's my belief that spectator sports - especially televised - caused the dumbing down of America.

  3. No mention of Timmy and The Angels, Started off with the Warriors shocking loss tonight

  4. 10:23
    The loss is not shocking. OKC has a lot of "bigs" who can cause problems. Durant, Adams, & Westbrook--who is bigger than Steph and can do the same things that Steph does.

    Yeah, the Dubs beat OKC three times during the regular season. But this is the playoffs--and OKC has jelled very nicely in the post-season.

  5. Warriors loss not shocking at all. OKC just beat San Antonio at home twice when they only lost there once all season (to Warriors). OKC led the NBA in rebounds, and besides Bogut and Green, the Dubs don't really have any big guys to crash the boards. Also, because OKC is so athletic, they can kinda negate the Warriors small line up. While the Warriors score on fast breaks, my old coaches used to say, "Live by the jumper, die by the jumper." The Warriors have kinda contradicted that axiom, but 14 points in a quarter and turnovers will kill you. Let me put it this way, Westbrook scored 19 in 4th quarter and Curry/Klay, 14.

  6. @8:08 and 10:28
    Warriors blew a 13/14 pt. lead with sloppy play and a flurry of 2nd half turnovers. Won't happen again. BTW, both Westbrook and Durant played nearly the entire game. Doubtful they can keep that up through 6.

  7. Don't understand why the has-been hurler would pick Anaheim. He often struggles in hot weather, and that smog will impair his ability to lung those frequent bong hits.

  8. Rich, do you know the reason why Tim didn't want Buster catching him? I wonder if them getting rid of Hector Sanchez was a factor in Tim's decision to go elsewhere - not like the Giants really wanted him back anyway. Also, why didn't he go to the White House the last time?