Friday, May 20, 2016

Stock Up Stock Down


*Philippe Djegal/KRON

*Grant Lodes/KRON

*Vicki Liviakis/KRON

*Charles Clifford/KRON

*Marty Gonzalez/KRON

*Juliette Goodrich/KPIX

*Cate Cauguiran/KPIX

*Paul Deanno/KPIX

*Andria Borba/KPIX

*Christin Ayers/KPIX

*Dan Ashley/KGO-TV

*Wayne Freedman/KGO-TV

*Lisa Argen/KGO-TV

*Carolyn Tyler/KGO-TV

*Allie Rasmus/KTVU

*Ken Wayne/KTVU

*Rob Roth/KTVU

*Tom Vacar/KTVU

*Steve Paulson/KTVU

*Elyce Kirchner/KNTV (NBC Bay Area)

*Cheryl Hurd/KNTV

*Michael Savage/KSFO/Cumulus/Syndicated


*Mark Ibanez/KTVU

*Joe Fonzi/KTVU

*Frank Somerville/KTVU

*Bill Martin/KTVU

*Julie Haener/KTVU

*Pete Lupetti/KTVU

*Jana Katsuyama/KTVU

*Ross Palombo/KTVU

*Claudine Wong/KTVU

*Gasia Mikaelian/KTVU


*Liam Mayclem/KPIX/KCBS

*Julie Watts/KPIX

*Don Ford/KPIX

*Dennis O'Donnell/KPIX

*Gary Radnich/KRON/KNBR

*Larry Krueger/KNBR

*Darya Folsom/KRON

*Ronn Owens/KGO Radio



  1. Stock dropped: Greg Suhr

  2. Stock DOWN, WAY DOWN: Karel & the feces on his driveway.

  3. Stock up i agree, There are a host of really good field reporters locally while the Anchor bench is pretty weak. The reporter bench is deep and covers a range of ages. Hurd, Rasmus, Ayers and Cauguiran bring interesting and informative reporting.

    1. Stock up, Frank Malicoat KTVU
      Betty Yu KPIX

    2. The best field reporter in the Bay Area is Amy Hollyfield at KGO.

  4. It appears that Borba knows how to stock up on food.

  5. STOCK UP: Pat Thurston. She will be the first woman to get her own talk show on weekdays on KGO, eventually...if they had any common sense.

    1. Shann Nix had a daily show on KGO, years ago.

    2. Barbara Simpson was the first "promoted" weekday shift from 11 to Noon before the Dr. Laura experiment. Yes, Ronn was pissed giving up an hour. And yes, Barbara bombed badly but rebounded nicely on KSFO after shilling for the oil companies. Shaun had a weekend slot and was given the keys to Bernie's old shift but nothing was finalized. And as we know, Christine is always in the bullpen. Pat Thurston will get Ethan's shift by next year. He's awful.

    3. Shann Nix did weeknights before weekends. She was not at KGO when Bernie left for his seven year hiatus.

    4. Bernie 2016!

  6. I consider Jan Wahl as Preferred Stock. One of these days you will elaborate on your opinion of her, is my hope.

  7. I'll take 1,000 shares of Vicky she is a good investment! I think Ed Lee's stock is about to hit bottom in the very near future...

  8. Can we add Bob Sarlatte to the stock down column. The 49ers let him go after 30 years as their stadium announcer. He is now suing for age discrimination, citing physical illness and emotional distress. Are you kidding me? I'm not a Niner fan, but I hope they win this case. Hey Bob, there is no union for stadium announcers. You serve at the pleasure of the team. Any respect you built up over the years is rapidly disappearing.

    1. I don't know the specifics in this lawsuit, but just because there is "no union for stadium announcers" does not exclude a tort remedy for age discrimination( between ages 40-70) which a plaintiff can demonstrate was caused by intentional or negligent infliction of emotional or physical distress. One does not "serve at the pleasure of the team". One is paid to perform a service that the team or other employer wants. The employer doesn't get a pass on state or federal statutes governing the treatment of its employees. Whether or not this specific suit has merit, is a different matter. I have no idea.

    2. Semantics Christine. You do serve at the pleasure of the team because they HIRED you to perform a service.
      If they don't wish to hire you back after that, that is their prerogative. I know PA announcers that work for pro and D-1 college teams and most are on one year contracts. On the surface, I would say this suit is frivolous.

    3. No, really? they "HIRED" someone? There is no need to capitalize the obvious. What you don't get is that employers have to abide by discrimination statutes, in all workplaces. As I said, I have no idea if this reported suit has merit, and neither do you.

    4. I only capitalize things for folks that are a little slow on the uptake. How would you know what I know about this lawsuit??

    5. You obviously don't know much, because you don't understand basic employment law.

    6. Is Christine trying to get the meaningless last word again? What a surprise!!

  9. Jennifer Jones Lee late of KGO, now on KFI radio.....

  10. Brittney Shipping and my boner...WAY UP!

  11. Rich I believe that you are wrong about Claudine Wong. Year after year she has carried Mornings on 2. She was the queen of Fox 2 back in the day when you said that she didn't smile. Her stock is so high that Phil Mickelson will cheat to buy some. Don't forget about her new show "Bay Area People."
    You should have said that Sal's stock is down.

  12. KTVU's San Francisco Reporter Tara Moriarty-Stock definitely up. When SF Police Chief Greg Suhr was suddenly forced to resign yesterday by Mayor Ed Lee, Tara reported live on their 4 pm, 5 pm, 6 pm & and 10 pm newscasts. In addition to being an excellent, breaking news reporter, her delivery is always smooth, cogent & without any theatrics. Plus Tara is very easy on the eyes.

    1. Tara does need some veneers on her teeth.

    2. Forget the teeth. Have you looked at her body?

    3. She's also the daughter of longtime CBS reporter, Erin Moriaty - good bloodline there.

  13. D.O'D. & Julie Watts both of PIX stock is a buy! Rich, YOU may not like them, but they're both solid. Don't know them personally, maybe they suck, but their work is some of the best on local TV.

  14. Stock UP: (in addition to the already mentioned names Rich has said)

    KGO-TV: Lyanne Melendez, Vic Lee, Elissa Harrington, Melanie Woodrow, Leslie Brinkley, and Cheryl Jennings

    KPIX: Veronica De La Cruz, Emily Turner, Da Lin, Betty Yu, Mark Kelly

    KRON: Kate Cagle

    KTVU: Gasia Mikaelian & Brian Flores

    KNTV: Vicky Nguyen, Kira Klapper, Bigad Shaban

    1. Da Lin?? Seriously??

  15. Stock nearly delisted: Cumulus

  16. How can anyone's stock at KRON be up? It's not a real station.