Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Dopey Dopes Who Cover the Other Dopey Dopes on 4-20 Day; KGO's 'Donnie and Marie' Told to Tone It Down; Wednesday Opener

 Ah, the predictability of the Dopey Dopes in this town who will travel out to Golden Gate Park to cover the other Dopey Dopes --hey, it must be 4-20 day; a time when the stoners invade the park to "get high", "party" and, my favorite, get to "know one another." How terrific. With adulation and glee too, aided and abetted by the morons that rep the Bay Area media. What gullible sycophants!

Look, don't get me wrong, I'm no prude; you want to go smoke, go crazy, some until you're stoned eternity and eat all the hemp popcorn and candy bars your ass can carry but don't screw with my space, stoner!

Moreover, why the hell is anyone covering this crap? Is there a law that states that all the TV/Radio mutants have to schlep their trucks to GG Park and do endless live shots? Why? Because everyone else does it. What a complete waste of time. What a more apt reason why the American Public has no faith in the media and why the media has a more unfavorable rating that ISIS.

It is legitimate news; 420. But it's old news; today, yesterday, and tomorrow. It jumped the shark years ago but assignment editors; the lazy assignment editors who couldn't think up a creative thought if their life depended on it, are clueless. They just march lock and step with the other guys. It's like, "well, if everyone else is live at the scene, uh, I guess, we'll send a truck over too." What a genius, what a professional. Dummy.

Just this (Wednesday) morning I heard KCBSHolly Quan on scene at the park interviewing an early stoner as to why he was there.  Why indeed. The stoner blurted out some incoherent response --it was your typical yahoo verbal assault and it was so spectacularly ironic. I was waiting for the fool to ask Quan herself, "well, why are you here?" Exactly.

The inevitable bozos will tell me I'm behind the times as if I have the gall to question the over-hyped coverage of these losers who DESTROY the park; cause miserable traffic through the neighborhood and create health hazards; leave garbage all over the place and place police, fire, and paramedics in severe, unnecessary high stress. God forbid, your loved one needs an ambulance in the Panhandle today; good luck with that, yet the gullible SF Media will be there, in full force, the predictable Glee Society on duty. Breathless wonders. Future job seekers in Pueblo, Colorado. Stone on, morons.

*MEDIA NOTES WEDNESDAY: I'm told 'Donnie and Marie" were asked by KGO-TV management to "tone it down a bit"; yeah, sure, that'll happen when the stoners throw out the dope and begin drinking coffee...Congratulations, KGO, you've managed to piss off almost the entire staff with a morning show gimmick that has worse ratings than its predecessor --all in the name of trying to seize a demo that doesn't WATCH your program nor your silly, incoherent, unprofessional dorks --again, WHAT AN EMBARRASSMENT!

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  1. My boss said that since we paid 175 grand for each of these live trucks, we have to use them. If we don't use them...then we cannot deduct them from the taxes.

    I wanted to send a truck and reporter to the fountain in Walnut Creek, but the boss wanted us to go to the park in case it was destroyed.
    The reporter has been bitching all morning about going "live with hippies" but I told her to come up with a better story...but she couldn't. That is why she makes 50k a year.

  2. Ah...the doltish, slovenly, inebriated hippiecrites!

  3. The Bay Area is an event-driven place. Everyone goes to something because it's an EVENT. They may not care what it's about, but they go because they can use the opportunity to post photos on social media and work at driving up those "likes."

    The media is to blame for this. If people had a mind of their own and weren't controlled by these people.

  4. Is this "Ash" Wednesday? We've recognized this holiday for years.

  5. The post office at 11pm on 4/14.
    The Walnut Creek fountain on a hot day.
    GGP on 4/20.
    Airports on the 4th Wednesday of November.
    Shopping Malls on the 4th Friday in November.
    Flower shops on 2/14.

    It goes on and on and on...

    There is zero imagination in this business anymore.

    1. So don't blame blame the media...go make up new "events" to cover.

  6. Speaking of 420 and dopes...KFOG launched their "new" morning show today. The new "host" interviewed a guy from the band 3rd Eye Blind for 2 hours. Really? 3rd Eye Blind? WTF? Even if this was 1997, no one wants to hear a 2 minute interview let alone a 2 hour interview of some faceless band member from a band that was never relevant to begin with. GODDAMN! And then Irish "Flub my Lines" Greg couldn't even read a Chipotle script without screwing up. I SAID GODDAMN!!! And really? Do you really have to have the word "Irish" before Greg? The guy doesn't even sound Irish. I SAID GODDAMN!!!
    I predict that KFOG will become KNBR FM in less than 6 months.

  7. I find these 420 stories amusing and interesting. Notably what areas (GG Park today) to avoid.

  8. When I skipped past the not so dynamic duo on KGO TV this early AM (but I like Sue Hall - poor gal has to work with them). I was reminded of the gone and lamented Leyla Goulean who started off like the high rollers from LA and was gone in not much more than a day (well maybe a little longer). I send the same best wishes to the dynamic duo they join Leyla in whatever farm news network in Nebraska she went to.

  9. If only the assignment editors decided on his or her own what gets covered. The show producers, management, a few reporters, and the assignment editors decide coverage in the morning meeting, usually from approximately 9-10am. If you have a weak news director, aka Ed Kosowski(at abc7), then the assignments were doled out after KTVU's midday newscast. The GM at the time, Joe Ahern, would call Kosowski and ask, "are we covering that" after watching 2's newscast. You are right that there's little original journalism coming from the assignment desk or reporters these days. It's easier to "go along to get along". After all, you want to mail it in and not challenge the follow the other station system when it comes to assignments. You don't get paid extra or get a promotion for thinking creatively or independently. Everyone in tv newsrooms is in survivor mode. Just let me stay in a low profile and wait until retirement or the next job.

    1. > You don't get paid extra or get a promotion for
      > thinking creatively or independently.

      Not only that, you're generally the first to axed, even if you were more successful.

      The Suits don't like thinkers. They can't be controlled, and it's all about fear and control in today's media landscape. It's been that way for 25 years, but lately (last 10) it's gotten worse.

    2. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into the way things operate. What a screwed up state. And the irony is if a station DID do things differently, had just a little creativity, people would discover it and actually start watching in numbers.

  10. And you think we have more than enough media drama in the Bay Area.... well, get a load of this:

  11. The media would be a little bit more creative and balanced if along with covering the dopes and their trashing of Golden Gate Park they also decided to do an investigation into the rampant fraud taking place at "medical" marijuana shops across the Bay Area. Or maybe they could do a feature story on a young person whose life was derailed by drug addiction? Or maybe they could do a report on how drug cartels and gangs are thriving in Colorado where marijuana is legal? Or maybe they could do a story on the growing evidence linking marijuana use and the development of schizophrenia in predisposed adolescents? That would be interesting!

  12. KTVU is STILL talking about Hippie Hill the day after! "Hash" Wednesday obviously, had no takers...(or tokers) volunteering
    to clean all the shit they filled the park up with.

    If you like weed, that's your business, but don't fuck up everyone else's environment.

    Maybe they should give them speed or whatever drug has the opposite affect of pot, so then they're super happy, and quick to clean up!

    Happy Earth Day.