Thursday, March 17, 2016

Michael Cardoza Doesn't Pull Any Punches on KTVU's 'The Verdict'; Veteran Defense Attorney Gives Blunt Legal Analysis on 4 PM News; Thursday PM 415 Media

 I have plenty of issues with KTVU's programming --if you read me enough you know my feelings about how a once-great local news outlet has become FOXified, you know, shit like this, for instance. It's a wrong-way presentation, it's screwing with a solid format that has been #1 in the Bay Area TV News ratings machine.

I am, however, delighted with Fox2's new entry in its 4PM newscast---"The Verdict" is a compelling, interesting, and downright provocative analysis of legal news events and its major player is well-known criminal defense attorney, Michael Cardoza.

If Cardoza looks familiar to you, he should. He's been featured on outlets like CNN and almost all the local Bay Area stations --this avenue, and its a good one, thanks KTVU for at least adding something of substance that doesn't insult the viewer and make everything look like visual chotchkas, provides the telling-it-like-it-is Cardoza the perfect arena to offer his blunt legal analysis.

Furthermore, Cardoza doesn't mince words and isn't cute. He's not going to tap dance around issues that some in his trade are famous for; in fact, one of these days someone high up at KTVU is liable to tell him to tone it down.

Fat chance.

Here's hoping The Verdict has a permanent presence on KTVU's platforms and that the hard-hitting Cardoza has an open invitation to offer up his takes on the latest legal news and court cases.  God knows there's plenty of those.

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  1. You know, I never understood the angst around the "talk like a pirate" thing, but then again I never actually saw it. Clicked on the link in the story above and...oh my god, that was I understand completely...

  2. I'm glad KTVU is doing something positive for a change. Early this morning I turned on KTVU and noted Pam was absent again (a very regular circumstance). If I recall she quit a few years ago to be with family - 4AM is a tough shift especially when it used to be 6AM, then 5AM now 4AM so I understand. BUT when Gasia came on I realized I can't take anymore of her and switched to KNTV then KRON. It is getting so I can't stand KPIX AM or KGO AM either (except for the charming Sue Hall who is a long time radio pro and KGO traffic anchor before they replaced her with the short termed brat who was forced out). It might just be a good time to sleep in a little longer.

  3. After a brief career in the DA's office of both SF and Alameda he's become somewhat of a high profile ambulance chaser. Scott Peterson, the SF Zoo/numbnuts tiger case, the dog that ate that woman in SF, to name a few.

  4. The American legal system. A system that allows 1% of the population to "continually terrorize" the other 99%, and the 99% are too dumb to "really" do anything about the 1%.

    That's why Kate is dead, or should I say murdered!! I have an acronym for the above...L.O.T.S., Land Of The Stupid!!