Saturday, January 30, 2016

'Jen' X at KGO Radio; National Media Hits SF for Super Bowl 50; Saturday Short Special


KCBS, home for wayward KGO Radio reporters. Just in the last few months: Jenna Lane, Jeannie Lynch, and Jennifer Hodges. And don't forget, sports anchor, Kevin "The Rat" Radich.

Someone needs to take KCBS ND, Jack Swanson to Grumpy's for lunch.

*A large number of national media has already descended on the city for a week worth of freebies and SF hospitality --in anticipation of a certain football game next Sunday.

Among the throng doing their live shots, chip shots and radio shots: CBS Sports, CBS Radio various shows including "Gio and Jones", the NFL Network, ESPN, you name it, they're here.

The hookers are enthralled.


  1. If KCBS is on a KGO reporter hiring frenzy, maybe they should hire Christine & give her a bar of soap.

  2. Don't let Chris Berman near your fridge; he'll clean it out in seconds.

  3. Bucky, is that you?

  4. Speaking of hookers what is the over/under on how many players get busted with one?

  5. Local TV news perpetuates the Super Bowl sex trafficking myth yet again.